Stacking the Shelves & The Sunday Post

Posted July 6, 2024 by Nicky in General / 0 Comments

Greetings! I’m beginning to surface from the total immersion in the new story in FFXIV, having finished the main plot. There’s loads more to do, of course, but the week off I took was enough to get through the main story.

I still haven’t done much reading this week, but I imagine soon things will tend back toward normal.

Books acquired this week

N/a! Though I’ve added a few to my wishlist (which my wife will probably welcome, since my birthday is in August).

Posts from this week

This week, just the usual review posts, since the Top Ten Tuesday prompt didn’t inspire me!

My backlog of reviews is steadily diminishing! Guess I better get back to my reading groove soon.

What I’m reading

As I mentioned, not very much at the moment. I’m a bit stalled with Threading the Labyrinth, by Tiffani Angus, which I really wanted to like — but I did read a couple of things.

Cover of The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson Cover of Curiosity Killed the Cat by Joan Cockin

So reviews for those will be coming soon! I’m also in the midst of a reread of Record of a Spaceborn Few… and after that I might get on to pastures new.

Hope everyone’s doing okay!

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