Review – A Side Character’s Love Story vol 18

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Review – A Side Character’s Love Story vol 18

A Side Character's Love Story

by Akane Tamura

Genres: Manga, Romance
Pages: 160
Series: A Side Character's Love Story #18
Rating: four-stars

"My worries may be different, but I'm happier with her than I've ever been."

After their trip to Kamakura, Hiroki begins thinking of his future once again, his summer internship helping him realize what's most important for his future with Nobuko. Meanwhile, Nobuko and her coworkers each take their own steps forward, determined to do what they must to stay with the ones they love.

Volume 18 of A Side Character’s Love Story doesn’t really take any big steps forward for the characters — at least, not for Nobuko and Hiroki, though there are some developments for their friends, finding their own way through negotiating relationships.

It’s a sweet volume, though, with Hiroki spending more time with Nobuko’s family. There’s a cute bit where Nobuko is actually comfortable enough with him to sulk a bit about something, which her family correctly recognise as showing how much she trusts him with her inner self. (And Hiroki, as usual, tries to communicate about it, which is something I really love about them as a couple.)

So nothing startling, just a continuation of watching the two of them grow up and develop as a couple.

Rating: 4/5

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