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When I am accepting titles for review, you can email me to offer me a copy at to suggest your book (or a book you’re promoting). Please include a summary, the publication date, and what formats you’re offering. I suggest you ask me once and send one follow-up after at least three days of not getting a reply; repeated emails and follow-up emails demanding to know why I’m not interested will most likely be ignored due to time constraints. I’m afraid I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment and may not be able to reply if the answer is no.

Bombarding me on Twitter, via email, Facebook or whatever else will simply result in bans and banishment to the spam folder.

do not promise to review any book in a given timespan. I don’t mind if you email me near the release date to remind me and check whether I have reviewed the book, but I can’t promise I’ll have anything for you. I will review everything I read regardless of whether I liked it or not, and I will be honest about it. If your deal is “you can have this book free as long as you give it five stars”, you should probably take it elsewhere or you’ll be disappointed. I give out five stars rarely, using the following scale:

* – Didn’t like it
** – It was okay
*** – Liked it
**** – Really liked it
***** – Can I marry this book now?

I read a lot of genres, but I am unlikely to agree to review or enjoy a memoir, a gory crime or horror novel, or general literary fiction. I’m particularly interested in sci-fi and fantasy, cosy mysteries, diverse romances, queer fiction and non-fiction about science. I’m fairly knowledgeable about current biology, but physics or heavily math-focused non-fiction would probably go over my head unless aimed at laypeople with no prior knowledge.

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  1. I LOVE this! I’m netgalley too, as a librarian, but retired now. Gotta make the transition but trying to get a blog up and running before my ng drops to nada again. I FINALLY have my rate up to 73%! Then it’ll drop to zero 🙁

  2. Hello there. I’m interested in including you in my list of book review bloggers (especially if I could add a category for you on graphic novels) on:

    It is free to be on the directory, and it is a way for readers and authors to find your website. Let me know either via the “contact me” or the “Join the List” form if that’s something that interests you!


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