Review – Phantom Pond

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Review – Phantom Pond

Phantom Pond

by Juneau Black

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Pages: 57
Series: Shady Hollow #3.6
Rating: three-stars

In the woodlands around Shady Hollow, there’s a legend about a mysterious creature known as Creeping Juniper. According to local lore, she’s a sort of witch who dwells deep in the woods, casting spells on the shore of Phantom Pond. It’s a harmless old tale, until a prank goes wrong. When a young creature goes missing, all the clues point to Creeping Juniper. But to solve the mystery and rescue an innocent victim, Vera Vixen and her friends need to find a place that doesn’t appear on any maps. Can they discover the location of Phantom Pond before it’s too late?

Phantom Pond sees Juneau Black’s Shady Hollow in the throes of another holiday. It’d have been perhaps more appropriate, seasonally, to read these the other way round, because Phantom Pond is set during Mischief Night, when pranks and scares are all in good fun, and young beasts spend their time costumed and looking for treats.

The story takes a slightly more serious turn than some of the other books — murder is dire, of course, but the disappearance of a child (apparently kidnapped) is a bit harder to take. This remains a cosy story (I’ll say now that the child comes to no lasting harm), but it feels a bit more serious for a while there.

I felt like it wrapped up a little quickly, after the slow patch in the middle of ratcheting tension as the searchers fail to find any sign of the missing squirrel. But it was fun, and expanded the horizons of Shady Hollow just a little, just enough to see some of the creatures who might live on its edges.

Rating: 3/5

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