Series: A Side Character's Love Story

Review – A Side Character’s Love Story, vol 17

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Review – A Side Character’s Love Story, vol 17

A Side Character's Love Story

by Akane Tamura

Genres: Manga, Romance
Pages: 162
Series: A Side Character's Love Story #17
Rating: four-stars

Growing up, Nobuko Tanaka was always a "side character" standing off in the corner. Now in her 20s, she's fallen in love for the first time. While she isn't any good at being assertive, she will muster her courage bit by bit as she tries her best to close the distance between herself and her crush -- because even side characters fall in love. If you're tired of the same old romantic protagonists, this modest, refreshing love story is for you.

Volume 17 of Akane Tamura’s A Side Character’s Love Story¬†pretty much typifies everything I’ve come to love about this series. Irie and Nobuko continue to be really sweet and supportive of one another, finding ways to stay in touch and communicate their importance to each other even now they’re not living in the same area.

Their relationship is always really cute, even when Nobuko gets insecure, and even when the two of them are shy with each other, because the whole time they’ve been trying their best to communicate with each other and talk openly. I love that Irie specifically pictures that happening throughout their lives.

When I picked up volume one of this manga, I didn’t expect it to be so cute, for the love story to be so mature and lovely (though when I say mature, I don’t mean there’s any explicit sexual content, because there isn’t). I always smile so much when a new translated volume is out.

Rating: 4/5

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