Review – Dangerous Spirits

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Cover of Dangerous Spirits by Jordan L. HawkDangerous Spirits, Jordan L. Hawk

Unfortunately for me, Dangerous Spirits features one of my least favourite tropes: the spur of the moment lie that brings all communication into a logjam and eventually splits people apart. I joke about being the relationship advice Dalek (COMM-UN-I-CATE! COMM-UN-I-CATE!) but really, it’s important, and while it’s often interesting to watch how characters and relationships break under the pressure of a lack of communication… it’s difficult for me to read.

That said, I still enjoyed many other things about this book: Henry does take some lessons to heart and grows up a little (in the end), Jo’s still amazing, Lizzie’s still amazing, and we learn more about Lizzie and Vincent’s lives, and see the arc of the trilogy bending along…

It sets things up for a better relationship in the next book, and for the third book to wrap up some of the mysteries and fears that surround the group.

Rating: 3/5

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