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It’s that time again! Check out Taking On A World Of Words to chat with everyone else who has posted what they’re reading right now!

Cover of Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary StewartWhat are you currently reading?

Fiction: I’m rereading Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart, after chatting with someone on Twitter about Stewart’s work. They’re the perfect comfort reads, partly because they’re light and partly through familiarity, though Nine Coaches Waiting is one of the ones I’m least familiar with — I’ve only read it once before. I’m also partway through Jordan L. Hawk’s Widdershins, because I said I’d probably read it during Wyrd and Wonder, and it felt about time to pick up something for W&W!

Non-fiction: no change! I’ve actually not really touched Digging Up Armageddon for… at least two weeks now. Whoops!

Cover of Grave Importance by Vivian ShawWhat have you recently finished reading?

Uhh, I think the most recent thing might be Grave Importance. It’s a good wrap-up to the trilogy, though I found one little aspect a bit too much. It solved things just a little too easily.

I don’t think I’ve finished anything else since then, and we’re solidly into May without me having finished a single book yet. Gah!

What will you be reading next?

Oh, goodness knows. I did raid the library’s ebook catalogue, though, and came away with a book on castles, a few different books on infectious diseases (I know, I know, it’s a bit on the nose but honestly I’d have picked these up on sight anyway!) and a couple of other odd choices. I have a couple of new books coming, too!

And then I could also just pick up something else on a whim. Who knows?

What about you?

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6 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. The Dr. Greta Helsing trilogy looks interesting! I think I get what you mean on the mystery aspect though – I feel like resolutions can’t be too simple or too out of left field. But it looks like an interesting blend of mystery and fantasy!

    • It’s not even the resolution of the mystery, really; that makes sense. It’s how a Really Big Situation is solved… the solution feels too small. It’s hard to talk about without spoilers, though!

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting through my book, Digging Up Armageddon. If it’s the archaeology that you’re after, that’s in the even numbered chapters, starting with #4. (From #3 onward, the chapters are in pairs: the odd numbered ones are about the archaeologists; the even numbered ones are about the archaeology.) My personal favorites are the ones about the stables, the water tunnel, and the ivories.Thanks for all the work that you do — always interesting to read your posts. Cheers and all best wishes, Eric

    • Partly it’s that I’m not very focused at the moment, alas! I read the first 100 pages very quickly, and then lost focus! 🙁 I’m looking forward to digging back in — though as you say, it’s more the archaeology that interests me! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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