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A Top Ten Tuesday post? Oh yes! I’ve been meaning to pick the habit back up for a while. This week’s theme is “Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party”… and I’m not really the party type. But here’s some ideas…

  1. Books. I mean, obviously, right? But seriously, I’m not so much for dressing up or book-themed stuff. I’d need actual books. And by that I mean something you can read, so of course comics are fine and ereaders are fine and audiobooks are fine if you listen to them with earbuds. I’m not gatekeeping what counts as a book. Read fanfic on your phone if you like! The point is that a bookish party should involve at least some time spent rapt and focused on a narrative.
  2. Quiet. There can be talking about books! Lots of talking about books, even! But there’s got to be a quiet corner to hide in and actually read.
  3. Teddy bears. No judgement here. I’m 30 and my favourite reading companion is still Helen Hippo, with me since I was two days old.
  4. …Or other fuzzy reading companions. If your pet can be quiet and cuddle while reading, I’m all for it. Bring back my nan’s dog from when I was a child and I could prop my book on him, warm my feet under him, lie back to back with him… Okay, he’d have a shock that I’m not little anymore, but I’m pretty sure he’d take it all in stride. (Bunnies are banned from this party, on account of their propensity to nibble books.)
  5. Snacks. For me, particular books require particular snacks. The Hobbit is forever Werther’s Originals, for instance. Everyone should bring their own favourite snack.
  6. Pyjamas. If they’re comfortable, at least. For me, my soft grey jammies or my WRU jammies, please. Ideal for just sprawling out with a book.
  7. Blankets. We’re going to curl up and read, after all!
  8. The right sort of people. You’re all invited, of course! At least if you enjoy all the above.
  9. A browsing session in a bookshop. Especially if the party involves meeting new people! Shopping for books with people is my absolute #1 way to break the ice, and it’s stood me in good stead in the past. There’s always gonna be something to talk about even if your tastes don’t coincide.
  10. Presents. I don’t mind being a hobbit and giving other people presents. In fact, that’s a lot of fun. Maybe everyone buys someone else a present! I don’t know, presents are good.

I’m sure other people are coming up with amazing themed parties, but I’m easily overwhelmed by lots of noise and people, so… a party which would actually be quiet and cosy and rejuvenating sounds good.

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14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

    • I’m synaesthetic and my thing is that I taste words when I say them aloud (even in just a whisper), and overall Tolkien’s writing just leaves me with a strong butterscotchy taste! Thus, Werther’s Originals seem like the perfect accompaniment…

  1. My middle-aged cousin also considers her teddy as her favorite reading companion, so no judgment here. xD Can I bring my own “teddy bear” reading companion? Even if she’s got four legs, two different colored eyes, and has a bad habit of licking you when you least expect it? Funny that you mention bunnies, because I never had a problem with mine nibbling books, but my gosh, my CAT likes to nibble book edges. I’ve never had that problem before, and we’ve fostered a lot of cats. I think we broke him.

    Oooh, a joint book browsing session sounds like it’d be super fun! Especially if you can share books you love and recommend them to others. That sounds like a blast!

    Here’s my TTT post.
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    • Oh definitely! All pets welcome, haha.

      I really love browsing books together as an icebreaker! It hasn’t failed me yet!

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