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Cover of Spider-woman: Vol 0Spider-Woman: Spider-Verse, Dennis Hopeless, Greg Land

It might be because I don’t know any of Greg Land’s other work, but I don’t have the problem with his art in this book that other people identify. It sounds like he uses fairly formulaic compositions? But I’m not the greatest at visual-anything anyway, so it probably wouldn’t bother me. To me Jessica looks badass and capable, and uses her skillset well for fighting and spying.

The Spider-verse in general… Eh. I like the plethora of female stars that have come out of it, or had a part to play — Anya Corazon, Cindy Moon, Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacey… and the idea of all the alternate Peter Parkers was pretty cool. Silk acts pretty spoilt in some ways; haring off on her own and getting other people into trouble. Jessica shares some aspects of her background, a thing I mentioned in my review of Silk’s solo volume, but she’s much further along the road to finding her place in the world.

I love her friendship with Carol and the other Avengers, and so it’s nice that this volume finishes with her taking her leave of the Avengers, choosing to go and figure out who Jessica Drew is. It’s a fun enough volume, though perhaps not memorable.

Rating: 3/5

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2 responses to “Review – Spider-Woman: Spider-Verse

  1. Jessica Drew’s my favorite of the Spider-verse women! It’s been a long time since I read Marvel comics, but I still remember Bendis’ run of Spider-Woman. It was the one that made me fall in love with the character.

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