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By the time this goes live, I’ll be in Loncon at Worldcon! Probably buying books, since the ban lifts tomorrow… Probably to be instated again right away, heh.

Review copies (fiction)

Cover of Prosperity by Alexis Hall Cover of The Cutting Room ed. Ellen Datlow Cover of Gabriel's City by Laylah Hunter Cover of Circus of the Damned by Cornelia Gray Hugo Sampler Cover of Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie

I know I listed Gutenberg’s Apprentice last week, but that was the ebook, and now I’ve been given a paperback copy from Bookbridgr. <3

Review copies (non-fiction)

Cover of Down the Rabbit Hole by Allan H Ropper Cover of The Language Myth by Vyvyan Evans

The Language Myth is going to be an interesting counterpoint to The Language Instinct, since it directly argues against Pinker’s ideas.

Library (fiction)

 Cover of Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer Cover of Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer  Cover of Votan & Other Stories by John James

I’m really interested in John James’ book, especially since 1) he was Welsh, 2) Neil Gaiman wrote an interesting intro, 3) Norse mythology! And I just felt like some Georgette Heyer.

Library (comics)

Cover of Gambit: Once A Thief Cover of X-men: Storm by Warren Ellis

Both Marvel characters I don’t know much about, since they’re connected with the X-men.

Comic issue

Cover of Captain Marvel #6

You know, I might explode if we don’t get Captain Marvel in the MCU soon.

What’s everyone else been up to?

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8 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. The Gambit series didn’t really grab me, but I’ve never much liked him as a character. It’s an OK book, just not something I care about. The Storm one was pretty good. Warren Ellis is an amazing writer, and Terry Dodson’s a fantastic artist. Can’t go wrong with either of them.

    Captain Marvel’s been an awesome series. And she totally deserves a movie.

  2. Nice haul of books this week. Not my genres but I hope you enjoy them. Hope the message loads this time as wordpress has blocked me five times so far! Thanks for visiting!

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