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Posted January 25, 2014 by Nicky in Reviews / 6 Comments

Cover of Marvel's Captain Marvel: DownCaptain Marvel: Down, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christopher Sebela, Dexter Soy, Filipe Andrade

As with the first Captain Marvel book, I liked half the art (Dexter Soy’s work) and then hated the latter half. More so in this one. Carol just looks deformed in half of this. But story-wise, this is another good volume: Carol as Captain Marvel is rash, determined, unstoppable, and the latter half of the book with the worries about her health kept me interested. It doesn’t matter that I’m lacking some of Carol’s backstory — and the Helen Cobb story from the first volume seems to be playing a bit into this, too, which I enjoy. I’m even a bit anxious about Carol and how exactly this will play out.

I love her interactions with the people around her. I haven’t read anything with Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel — actually, I haven’t got round to anything with her in it at all — but I loved her back and forth with Carol. I enjoyed the inclusion of Spider-Woman, too, and Captain America and Tony Stark’s brief appearances.

Really need to get hold of The Enemy Within, pronto.

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6 responses to “Review – Captain Marvel: Down

  1. Reading a lot of Marvel Comics, I see. I have yet to read Captain Marvel, but it sounds like I should be reading it. Have you read the graphic novel Marvel: 1602? It’s by Neil Gaiman and it’s set in (well, duh) 1602 in an alternate timeline where the Marvel heroes exist, but in different forms. It’s really fun and fascinating. The art is amazing, too.

    • Yeah, I’m mostly a Marvel girl, though I do have some Wonder Woman comics and I wanna get into some of Gail Simone’s DC stuff. I haven’t read that one, but it’s Neil Gaiman, so I’m gonna get round to it sometime soon!

  2. Wait wait wait wait wait. You didn’t like the Emma Rios issues in the first book? You’re insane. Emma Rios is amazing. She’s my all-time favourite artist. Her style is kinetic and beautiful. Andrade’s style reminds me of Rios’, though nowhere near her level, so I liked it.

    But I loved these issues. The team-up with Monica was really good. The “day-in-the-life” issue was one of my favourite single issues of the year, for any comic.

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