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Review – The Possibility of Life

Posted September 12, 2023 by Nicky in Reviews / 0 Comments

Cover of The Possibility of Life by Jaime GreenThe Possibility of Life, Jaime Green

The Possibility of Life looks to both science and science fiction for an idea of humanity’s hopes, dreams and fears of what alien life might look like, how realistic that might be, and what it’s based on. If you’re an SF/F fan, you’ll probably recognise a lot of the references, and not just the old white men or the hit TV series of SF either: Ursula Le Guin and N.K. Jemisin are here too.

I found it very readable, and thought Green presents the scientific facts (such as they are) very well. The enthusiasm for the subject is palpable, and optimistic, but doesn’t over-egg it (we’re probably not five minutes from meeting a Vulcan or Cardassian).

Nothing too surprising for me, but I enjoyed the approach to the subject.

Rating: 4/5

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