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Well, what a busy week! I spent yesterday at a wedding, and I’ve been working hard on finally finishing my assignments as well. I’d hoped to get an extension for at least one of them, given the family stuff that’s been occurring, but my GP never replied to me… so I’ve been hard at work trying to get them all done. I think (as I write this) that I’m done: I just need to format the cover sheets. Oof!

I know I take pretty much any excuse to buy celebratory books, but last week I had a book voucher to assist me… and there are some books bought for me by my wife on the way as well. I’d say oops, but I don’t mind at all.

That said, I haven’t done a lot of reading this week. I did my best to make time for it, but I’ve been tired and not in the mood. Here’s hoping this weekend I can start to catch up!

As per usual, I’m linking up with Reading Reality’s Stacking the Shelves, Caffeinated Reviewer’s The Sunday Post, and the Sunday Salon over at Readerbuzz.

Books acquired:

So for now I only have the books that have already arrived, not the big spree of books from my wife. It’s a bit of a mix: only one fiction book, history, and ecology (in the form of a whodunnit). I read more non-fiction when I’m stressed out, so that kind of influenced my choices this time.

Cover of Ghosts in the Hedgerow by Tom Moorehouse Cover of Exposed: The Greek and Roman Body by Caroline Vout Cover of A Fragile Enchantment by Allison Saft Cover of Uproar! Satire, Scandal & Printmakers in Georgian London by Alice Loxton

Plus a few books I got in ebook format to try and tempt myself this weekend:

Cover of The One-Cent Magenta: Inside the Quest to Onw the Most Valuable Stamp in the World by James Barron Cover of The Religious Body by Catherine Aird Cover Honey & Pepper by A.J. Demas Cover of The Ha-ha Case by J.J. Connington

And yep, I know, I know! It’s another weird mix. I hope to review The One-Cent Magenta in the near-ish future, over on the Postcrossing blog. My book reviews are a steady feature over there, though I usually write a review for this blog too, slightly differently tailored.

Posts from this week:

It seems like I’ve been a bit of a misery guts in my reviews this week, but it’s happenstance that it was mostly meh reviews this week — I didn’t read these all at the same time, I’m just getting to the reviews in my posting queue now. I do try to vary what genres I post about a bit, to avoid being too samey.

And other posts:

I actually really liked my Top Ten Tuesday post this week, I wrote quite a lot of fun stuff, but I didn’t join the linky because I didn’t think I’d be able to get round to commenting back anytime soon.

What I’m reading:

This week started off well, but then my brain exploded a bit because of stress about my assignments and I didn’t read much for a few days. I haven’t even read much this weekend, since I’ve been recovering from partying hard (attending a wedding, wearing heels, drinking two glasses of wine, and dancing for five minutes to keep the bride company, and then getting home at 10pm — such hard partying! But apparently I’m getting old and my legs hurt). But we’ll see how it goes! I did read the following books that I intend to review soon.

Cover of The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman Cover of Hyphen by Pardis Mahdavi Cover of The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett

Cover of Across a Field of Starlight by Blue Delliquanti Cover of Ghosts in the Hedgerow by Tom Moorehouse Cover of The Corpse in the Waxworks by John Dickson Carr

So really not so bad after all. So far today I’ve been listening to Howl’s Moving Castle in audiobook, and I’ve peeked into Good Neighbours by Stephanie Burgis… but we’ll see where my whims take me.

How’s everyone else doing?

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  1. mae

    Good luck with all your class work. I hope you enjoy Howl’s Moving Castle. I love both the book and the Miazaki animation.
    best, mae at

  2. It’s so funny that you read more non-fic when you’re stressed out. I’m sorry you’ve been stressed though, you definitely deserve all the celebratory books! I hope you enjoy them all!

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