Review – Subtle Blood

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Cover of Subtle Blood by K.J. CharlesSubtle Blood, K.J. Charles

Subtle Blood brings an end to the adventures of Will Darling and Kim Secretan — at least for the reader, though it’s fairly clear they’re going to go off and get into trouble together again, as soon as possible. It beautifully resolves much of their issues with Zodiac, and features Kim being much more open, less willing to lie (at least to Will), and totally committed to the future he’s realised he can have. It’s adorable and satisfying, as adorable as anything can be when it involves this pair.

It was pretty much everything I wanted from the finale of this series, and everything I wanted for these characters. What more can I say?

Don’t forget to read the coda free on Charles’ website — particularly if you know who Daniel da Silva is. (If you don’t, hie thee to a purveyor of books and grab Think of England first.)

Rating: 4/5

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