Review – Killing Is My Business

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Cover of Killing Is My Business by Adam ChristopherKilling Is My Business, Adam Christopher

Killing is My Business is very much in the same vein as the first book: Raymond Electromatic is one of the world’s last robots, originally designed as a private investigator, and co-opted by his partner Ada to become a hitman. He has a little limitation: he can only remember the past 24 hours, along with the background information that’s hard-coded and gives him his skills.

The feel is very Chandler-esque, and the story slips by quickly. The one frustrating thing for some people might be the fact that some things are obvious to the reader before they’re obvious to the narrator, due to the gaps in his memory. Personally, I thought that was well-handled, but if all you care about is getting to the answer then you might feel like shrieking a bit.

I’ve never read the third book, and I’m looking forward to it now; the ending of this book does some really nice setup for the truth to come out.

Rating: 4/5

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