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Cover of Going Postal by Terry PratchettGoing Postal, Terry Pratchett

I finally read Going Postal because I need to write a review of it for Postcrossing, in the not too distant future, and also because I needed a book I could borrow from Libby so I could read on my Kindle while on the treadmill. I expected to take some time over it and have a daily date with it while walking; I’m stranded somewhere partway through Monstrous Regiment because I kept stalling for no apparent reason. I didn’t have the same experience with Going Postal at all: it just seemed to smoothly hook me and draw me in and just keep on dragging me with it.

I’ve had a somewhat rocky relationship with Discworld in general, I guess. I remember reading the first few books (in publication order), and getting a bit tired of the humour; I got a bit tired of the running gags of Monstrous Regiment, too. Going Postal clicked with me, though; I was glad to finally meet the origin of some of the regular fan references for myself (GNU, for instance) and I found Pratchett’s humour to be, in general, less juvenile here than in Monstrous Regiment. There a few bits where I rolled my eyes a bit and wished he’d get on with it; the initiation bit was one of those. Yes, yes, postmen fall over rollerskates and get chased by dogs, I get it!

But for the most part, it really worked for me. And you can’t help but like Moist van Lipwig, really. He’s not a good man, except he accidentally kind of becomes one while playing the part. He has a kind of dedication to it — admittedly in fear of his life — and a wild enthusiasm, and the quirks of the postal service he organises are a joy.

[NB: This was written a while ago, and in fact the review for Postcrossing went up first! Read it on the Postcrossing blog.]

Rating: 4/5

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3 responses to “Review – Going Postal

  1. Tay

    I’ve never read any Terry Pratchett (I know, I know!) I like a lot of whimsy in my stories so I should give it a go. Perhaps I should start here. 🙂

    My family are big fans of Tom Holt for his humour, but alas, I’ve also never read his stuff.

    • I read a couple but never really “clicked” with it, but Going Postal was “ah, yes”.

      This quote kinda sold me, given… everything:

      “What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.”

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