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Cover of The Mortal Word by Genevieve CogmanThe Mortal Word, Genevieve Cogman

I didn’t love The Burning Page or The Lost Plot as much as I hoped, somehow, and I partly wonder if I just got stalled partway through them, thought about things too much, and jammed up. No such problem with The Mortal Word: this series is like brain candy for me, and I had the time to just swallow it whole… so I did. In this book, Librarians are brokering a peace between Fae and Dragons, and things have been somewhat thrown into disarray by the murder of a trusted servant, a man who was working to make the whole deal come off. Irene is called in, along with Vale… and Kai manages to insinuate himself into things via the Dragon side.

There’s a little more of Kai, Vale and Irene working together in this book, which always helps — they’re an epic trio, and I said not entirely jokingly to someone else that I think they should just all three marry each other and get on with it. There’s also another little opening into the Dragon society in the form of Mu Dan, a judge investigator tasked to assist Irene and Vale from the Dragon side of proceedings. (The Fae tasked to join them is Silver, which also leads to some very fun bits.) But mostly, there’s more of Vale, who is probably my favourite.

I find these books a tiny bit predictable, though perhaps not as predictable as I feared they might be; in a way it comes with the territory, since Fae acting out their archetypes have the most power, and Dragons like order. They just fly by in a sometimes-tropey way that’s delightful to me. I’m glad I’m catching up with the series now!

Rating: 4/5

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