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Keeping it quiet for another week and just posting here and not going round other blogs in the link roundup… but looking forward to hearing what blog regulars are reading!

Cover of A Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna RaybournWhat are you currently reading?

I decided I wanted something light and fun, so I’m reading Deanna Raybourn’s A Dangerous Collaboration. I normally tear through these because I can read great big chunks at a time, and so it is proving this time.

Mind you, Skyrim is really distracting, or I’d probably have finished it already…

Cover of The Secret Life of Bones by Brian SwitekWhat have you recently finished reading?

Last thing I read was Brian Switek’s The Secret Life of Bones. He’s primarily known for his enthusiasm about dinosaurs, but this is actually largely about human bones. Other species come into it for illustrative purposes, and a good broad sweep of evolutionary history is discussed to explain how bones in general developed… but mostly it is about human bone. I enjoyed it.

What will you be reading next?

I’m gonna go with “goodness knows”, again. I just spent a birthday cheque from my grandma on a couple more birthday books… and there’s some library books… and books I fancy rereading. So I’ll just go “as my Whimsy takes me”, as ever.

What are you reading?

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4 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. I’ve recently finished The Empire of Gold by SA Chakraborty, rounding out the Daevabad trilogy. I’m having a problem with almost every read right now (except Gideon the Ninth) that by two-thirds / three-quarters in I’m getting fatigue and it feels long – Empire felt a bit baggy, but it mostly suffered from me just not caring about one of the POVs (Dara). I’ve also ripped through The Migration by Helen Marshall this week, which is lyrical and reflective and not very long and STILL had me frustrated in the final act. Tch.

    Next up: I’m just starting Kushiel’s Dart so I can set some discussion questions and OH WOW I had forgotten THIS VOICE is so PURPLE and I’m going to be raising a lot more quizzical eyebrows at D’Angeline culture this time I can tell already 🙂

    I’ll be tackling All City by Alex di Francesco this weekend too to finish off my Subjective Chaos reading and then I’m FREEEEEE to read whatever I like all autumn and that’s very exciting!
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    • I find that the narration in Kushiel’s Dart starts off unbearable and then abruptly starts to work for me — whether that’s my brain settling in or Carey settling into the style is an open question I intend to keep a better eye on this time!

  2. I’m back on a bit of a non fiction book kick at the moment so it’s been self help from the SAS Who Dares Wins team and a couple of behind the scenes of Coronation Street books this week!

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