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It’s that time again! Check out Taking On A World Of Words to chat with everyone else who has posted what they’re reading right now!

Cover of The Colour of Murder by Julian SymonsWhat are you currently reading?

Fiction: I just started The Colour of Murder, by Julian Symons. It’s one of the British Library Crime Classics collection, one of the post-war ones; the first half at least consists of a sort of confessional meander to a psychologist about the events leading up to the murder. It’s interesting because it’s not a “whodunnit”, and you don’t even yet know who has been killed, though my two candidates are basically the female characters.

Non-fiction: I’m in the middle of How to Invent Everything, by Ryan North, and Around the World in 80 Words, by Paul Anthony Jones. The former is interesting, but the jocular tone and asides about pizza are starting to irritate. I don’t read non-fiction for the authorial voice to intrude quite so much, usually. Around the World in 80 Days is for the Dewey decimal challenge I think I’ve mentioned before, since How Language Began felt too heavy to finish in a week. It’s okay; a bit random, and sometimes really stretching. Some of these words are neither terribly interesting nor terribly relevant, whereas the author’s Twitter has a tendency to come out with a perfectly apposite word for the current political situation… which I like more.

Cover of Unfit to Print by K.J. CharlesWhat have you recently finished reading?

I think it was K.J. Charles’ Unfit to Print, which is a lot of fun; I do enjoy righteous, caring Vikram, even if Gil is a bit of a hedgehog (prickly to stop you getting too close) and rather reluctant to do the right thing. Not my usual sort of character, but Vikram is more to my taste, so they balance one another out.

I feel like I haven’t really been reading much, and indeed, I finished Unfit to Print on Saturday. Yipes. My 500-books-a-year days are so far behind me, and I miss them rather.

Cover of The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin LambertWhat will you be reading next?

Goodness knows, but the book I picked up this week was Kristin Lambert’s The Boy in the Red Dress, which sounds like a lot of fun. Someone called it a queerer Phryne Fisher, which sounds right up my street. I also intend to pick up the book I got last week as soon as I’m reading slightly fewer non-fiction books concurrently.

What are you currently reading?

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14 responses to “WWW Wednesday

    • It is interesting, so far! 🙂 I wanted to finish it today in one more binge read, but alas, I don’t think I have time. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Yeah, I do love that kind of microhistory, but it can get a bit laundry-listy or just boring if the author doesn’t have a good voice. This book is really better for dipping into, I think.

  1. I would love even one year of reading 500 books! It would certainly cut down the TBR a bit. I’m working on getting through a book pile ready to send to the charity shop so maybe I’m slowly getting back on track.

    • It’s quite a diverse collection, really — there’s all sorts in there! This one isn’t a favourite so far, because it’s a bit slow, but it could turn out really good… depending on what it does with all this development!

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