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Hey guys. So bad news on the Breakfast front; he’s gone as of Friday evening, fairly unexpectedly. I’m not really wanting condolences much right now; if you want to express them, could you stick to liking this post or just commenting something nice and unrelated?

I’ll continue things much as normal around here, because that helps, but please don’t take it personally if I forget to comment back or anything.

Books read this week:

Cover of Too Like The Lightning

Reviews posted this week:

Storm of Locusts, by Rebecca Roanhorse. I still find the world refreshing, but the plotting itself feels so… predictable. 3/5 stars
Necessity, by Jo Walton. I did not expect this series to lead here, but there’s so much fascinating about it. 4/5 stars
Forces of Nature, by Brian Cox & Andrew Cohen. Not bad at explaining some things, but the physics still mostly goes beyond me! The series is probably better for that. 3/5 stars
Tower of Thorns, by Juliet Marillier. This kind of nudges in a direction I hoped the books wouldn’t go, but it’s still a fascinating story. 4/5 stars
Magic Strikes, by Ilona Andrews. Vastly entertaining, as with most of this series, and starts stepping things toward the epic overarching story… 4/5 stars

Other posts:

WWW Wednesday. This week’s post about my current reads.
An August TBR. Planning for what to read in August!

What’re you reading?

And also, if you’re going to Worldcon, sound off! Let me know! I’ll be there and so will my wife.

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6 responses to “Weekly Roundup

  1. Completely agree with you on Storm of Locusts, I’ll continue to follow the author but the plotting is not the best for now. I’ve read she wrote book1 and book2 back to back to maybe book3 will be better on that aspect as she’ll have had written more stuff in between? (Excited for her star wars novel!!)

    I’m curious to read your thoughts on Too like the lightning, I had started reading it years ago but had seen some meh reviews from non binary friends so, idk.

    I don’t always comment and like because of time constraint but I read with pleasure all your posts

    • Hmmm, good to know.

      Oh, interesting! I have very mixed feelings about it and partly because of the gender stuff, but I hadn’t seen anyone talking about that yet! (Not that I’ve looked at many.)

      Thank you. <3

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