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It’s been another week! This week my sister took me out for some stress-busting book retail therapy, and it was Good. The bunnies gave me some pocket money, and I had £10 off from a full stamp card…

(I also got a stack of psychiatry textbooks from my mother, because it turns out my next degree will almost certainly be an MSc in Mental Health Science.)


My usual rather odd mix, I think!

Read this week:

Cover of All Systems Red by Martha Wells Cover of Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

Reviews posted this week:

A Talent for Murder, by Andrew Wilson. I found this rather bland, despite the copious details of Christie’s life shoehorned in. Or possibly because of the shoehorning. 2/5 stars
Sorceror to the Crown, by Zen Cho. A reread, and just as enjoyable the second time! 4/5 stars
All Systems Red, by Martha Wells. A reread, because I hadn’t got round to the last book yet, and I wanted a refresher. I do love Murderbot, social anxiety and all. 4/5 stars
Fire Logic, by Laurie J. Marks. Just didn’t work for me. Slow, and there’s something about the style… meh. 2/5 stars

Other posts: 

WWW Wednesday. The usual update!

And that’s me! I caught up last week, only to find myself with a gazillion tabs open again now. Sigh. It never ends…

How’re you doing? Good books, something you’re excited about? Weirdest book ever on the go? Let me know!

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8 responses to “Weekly Roundup

  1. Is that a new Chris Beckett book? I really liked his Dark Eden, but his US publisher stopped putting out his books for some reason, I haven’t been able to finish that series! And now he has another one out, and who knows if it’ll ever make its way over here. Looks like it’s the Book Depository for me or the audiobook! 😀

    • It is! Or at least, it was in the new section. I was very curious about it; I don’t think I’ve actually read anything of his before.

  2. I’m getting a bit beaten up in every way except physically at the moment, and my reading choices haven’t helped. I think I’m turning the corner on that front at least, as I’m spending time with Murderbot today and then I think I can read on a whim for the first time in a while. So obviously I have no idea what that’s going to be 😉 Maybe The True Queen or This is How You Lose The Time War. Or maybe a really comforting reread…
    imyril recently posted…Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi: dance cardMy Profile

    • I can’t deny that thought did occur to me as I picked it up… 😀 And it was one of those hauls that had a little bit of almost everything I’m interested in!

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