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It’s Monday morning, and though I’ve been lax lately, that does mean it’s time for a discussion post ’round these parts. This week, “blog tours” feel like an appropriate topic, as I should be taking part in one this week and I’ve put my name down for another. The thing is… I have a confession to make.

I don’t pay that much attention to blog tours. I’d rather read a review of the book. If it’s a book I don’t know anything about, then even a giveaway probably won’t tempt me to join in the feeding frenzy. There are exceptions: an author I love, content that’s actually unique or worth reading (like interviews or lists of recommendations from the author, some other kind of genuine content that sheds light on what they do), books I’m already curious about… But for the most part, I see “Blog Tour” and I scroll on by, because I’ve noticed a trend in them of people just promoting every book they’re asked to promote, books they may not even care about — sometimes multiple books in one day — and just phoning it in. Cover, blurb, Rafflcopter giveaway, done.


(Granted, most people I follow don’t do this at all, which is probably why I follow them. The same is likely to be true of people following me, since I don’t go in for publicity frenzies. Still. Sometimes you just need to say it.)

So my personal commitment with blog tours is: provide something people want to see. Genuine content, chances to win ARCs of an eagerly awaited book, a review of a book I’ve actually read and enjoyed, or at least want to discuss… I will never, I promise, just take part in a blog tour for the sake of it. There’s no point in doing it to get followers, to win brownie points, to fill in a blank space in your schedule. It’s like the boy who cried wolf: if every day you’re shouting about a brilliant new book you don’t even care about, then what’s the point? Readers never know if you’re being sincere or not, and if you’re putting out significant volumes of it, the answer is most likely not.

Be sincere in your choice of books to promote, and then the promotions you do will be more valuable — to publishers and other bloggers alike. Win/win, right?

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8 responses to “Discussion: Blog Tours

  1. I used to get involved in a lot of blog tours but it all got so hectic that I’d end up forgetting to post something. I think I wanted my blog to look busy and up to date and took it a bit too far into stress-land! Now I don’t really post any of these things and I don’t post comments on many of them when I see them on other blogs.

    • Eeek, yeah, I can imagine coordinating it all getting stressful. I guess some of us are lucky in how fast we read — there’s no need for filler if we can only keep up with posting reviews, haha.

  2. I actually love me some of the content publishers make available for blog tours. I mean, of course reviews are great, but Q&As and guest posts can be quite awesome too. Guest posts are probably my fave (especially if the author writes about a topic they’re passionate about) because they can be really interesting even if I have no plans to pick up their book. Excerpts and giveaways are probably my least favorite, but only because they don’t provide me with as much information about the book/author. I’m definitely not averse to entering a giveaway or two if it catches my attention though 😀

    • Oh agreed! Sadly I see a lot of blog tours that are just cover, blurb, giveaway, done, you know? Actual content is something else.

  3. “Provide something people want to see” – yes! You’d think that could go without saying… I’m probably in the same boat as you as I don’t follow many blogs that do blog tours. I’ve been accepted to participate in a few but always declined because it wasn’t a book I was interested in. I do follow a couple bloggers who usually do reviews or engaging interviews that I enjoy reading.
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    • You’d think, right?! There are some great blog tours out there, definitely, but some people just seem to go to a minimum of effort.

  4. 100% with you. I don’t really understand cover reveals or excerpts on blog tours, and don’t tend to read / comment on that sort of thing. Reviews and original content (guest posts, interviews etc) are the way to go – although half my frustration with blog tours is the way they get organised. All but one that I’ve participated in have felt very last minute, which makes it more stressful than it needs to be (she says, with a blog tour post due to go up tomorrow and not yet written. Erm – that one’s on me; I’ve had 10 days, but really needed 3 weeks to prep on this one as it’s been so busy at work!)
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    • Yeah, I really mean to always have a review to go live with the blog tour, if I can. (The Starless one was badly timed on that front!) Otherwise… I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

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