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Cover of Defy by Sara LarsonDefy, Sara B. Larson

I loved the sound of this — set in the jungle, with a heroine who has dressed herself as a boy and maintains her position in the prince’s guard. More than maintains it: she can beat any of them. It seemed typical in other ways, in fact reminiscent of Throne of Glass, but I was ready to follow along for the fun of it. Unfortunately, Alexa keeps nearly revealing herself as a woman by being uncontrollably attracted to men and prone to blushing.

Now one, attraction to men does not make you a woman. I know this is YA, but that’s not the first assumption people would necessarily make. And two, I know I don’t have any experience with overwhelming attraction, being ace, but I still haven’t much noticed people being this thrown off by random thoughts about how attractive other people are. With that and the fact that whoops, everyone seems to know she’s a girl and whoops, they start acting protective once that is out in the open… blech. I lost interest. The love triangle didn’t help, either. It just felt so. very. generic.

I mean, come on. If you’ve known someone is a girl for a long time and managed to avoid acting protective, why would you start up being protective just because the girl now knows you know she’s a girl? Especially when she’s been regularly thrashing every one of the guard in sparring matches since she first joined.

Rating: 2/5

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2 responses to “Review – Defy

  1. The whole constant blushing thing just makes me uninterested in a book – I can’t even think of how many books I just didn’t finish because I couldn’t stand that anymore. (Blushing and lip quirking are things I just can’t handle in a book. At all). I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this so honestly I’m not sure if it’s something I would like, but I’m sorry to see that it wasn’t really something that you fell in love with. Have you read Dark Breaks the Dawn yet? I read that a while ago and I really enjoyed it, and I can’t remember there being too much blushing there =]
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