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Good morning! It’s been a week already? I’ve been spending the week reading, mostly, as you might expect. It’s been fun! And before I get to business, here’s this week’s pic of one of my bunnies — this is Breakfast, ‘splooting’. Apparently he finds it comfortable?

Picture of Breakfast the bunny splooting, aka lying with his legs stretched way behind him

Yep, I still miss them. But, books!

Received to review:

Cover of Walking on Knives by Maya Chhabra

Little Mermaid queer retelling! I’m so there.


 Cover of Traitor's Blade by Sebastien de Castell Cover of Knight's Shadow by Sebastien de Castell Cover of Saint's Blood by Sebastien de Castell

Cover of Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty Cover of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden Cover of The Wicked + The Divine: Vol 5

It’s been a while since I read Traitor’s Blade, so I figured I’d get the whole lot (except the newest one, which wasn’t there anyway and isn’t in paperback yet) and reread from the beginning. And hurrah for getting Six Wakes — thank you to Alys from Habitica for bringing me a copy from the US!

Also, I got just one comic; I’m not buying Marvel at the moment, so I tried not to look!

And finally, a whole bunch of non-fic — of course.

Cover of Personality by Daniel Nettle Cover of Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor Cover of Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Sean Carroll Cover of The Viral Storm

Cover of Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor Cover of Forces of Nature by Brian Cox Cover of The Bonobo and the Atheist by Frans de Waal Cover of Vanished Ocean by Dorrick Stowe

…Which you may have noticed includes quite a few books from one of my recent wishlists! Hurrah!

Books read this week:

Cover of Lightning in the Blood by Marie Brennan Cover of The Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty Cover of Saturn's Children by Charles Stross Cover of The Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty Cover of Journey to the Centre of the Earth by David Whitehouse

Cover of A Rough Ride to the Future by James Lovelock Cover of In Search of the Multiverse by John Gribbin Cover of Shapes by Philip Ball Cover of Flow by Philip Ball Cover of Branches by Philip Ball

Four stars to: The Shambling Guide to New York City and The Ghost Train to New Orleans.
Three stars to: Lightning in the Blood, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, In Search of the Multiverse and Shapes.
Two stars to: Saturn’s Children and A Rough Ride to the Future.

Reviews posted this week:

Trial by Fire, by Lore Graham. Fun, and though more focused on the sexual relationship than I’m interested in, I did appreciate the theme of clear communication. 3/5 stars
How We Live and Why We Die, by Lewis Wolpert. Pretty basic from my point of view, but it’d make a good introduction or refresher on the subject of how cells in the body live, work together and die. 3/5 stars
Words and Rules, by Steven Pinker. If you’ve read The Language Instinct, this probably won’t add anything to your understanding, but Pinker is a clear and accessible writer. 3/5 stars
Shanghai Sparrow, by Gaie Sebold. This is fairly typical steampunk, but it was a fun and quick read all the same.
Dino Gangs, by Josh Young. A good overview of Phil Currie’s work on dinosaurs and the way they may have lived in groups. However, it makes Currie seem as if he just rejects evidence he doesn’t like. 3/5 stars
Raisins and Almonds, by Kerry Greenwood. I might be hesitating a bit about the tendency to describe Phryne’s lovers as exotic and such, but this one does contain a really powerful scene that’s pretty much worth the price of admission on its own. 3/5 stars
Within the Sanctuary of Wings, by Marie Brennan. The final book of this series really delivers. That’s all I’m gonna say. 5/5 stars

Other posts:

Top Ten Tuesday: Last 10 Books I Inhaled. What it says on the tin — a departure from the official theme, this week.
WWW Wednesday. An update on what I’m reading.
From my other blog, NEAT science: Experiment – Does my mood correlate with the amount I read? Pt 1. It’s a theory, and now I’m out to test it!

How’s everyone doing? Good week, bad week? All the books, nothing new?

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26 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. How cute is your bunny there! I love the style with those cute wee paws! I tend to binge buy series even ones where I haven’t read any of them, like I did this week. My excuse is that Indie books can sometimes disappear/go out of print so you just HAVE to grab them all…

    • It always makes me laugh when he lies like that! It just looks so cute and silly, heh.

      My excuse is that books are cheaper here, and it’s easier to get what you want. I think we both have valid excuses!

  2. Cute bunny pic! He certainly looks comfortable! I hope you like Six Wakes- I thought it was quite good! Vanished Ocean looks interesting to me, I’ll have to take a closer look.

    Awesome haul!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #199My Profile

    • I’m looking forward to Six Wakes, since I read two of Mur Lafferty’s other books this week and enjoyed them! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Oh my gooooooosh the bunny is so cute! This morning my mom and I saw a tiny baby bunny on our deck outside… so cute! I wanted to snuggle him! It was a wild bunny so I didn’t try. :/ Bunnies are the cutest!

    Phew, you read a lot of books this week! I think I read two books which is not that impressive. Oh well! That’s vacation for ya. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Nikki. =)

    Check out my STS post!
    Alyssa Susanna (The Eater of Books!) recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (#234)My Profile

    • Awww. Yeah, wild bunnies probably wouldn’t like it — even our bunnies don’t always want a cuddle!

      I’m always weird — I normally manage to read way more when I really should be focusing on other stuff (like exams). I was a bit surprised I got so much read this week, since I didn’t have anything else big to be doing!

  4. Wow, you’ve got a lot of books on your plate, but it looks like you will get through them quickly, seeing how many books you read this week! I thought I was a fast reader, but you definitely top me by a mile!!

    I hope you enjoy your books and have a great weekend!

  5. I’ve read one of The Wicked + The Divine. I thought the artwork was beautiful, but the story wasn’t as fulfilling. But I am not used to graphic novels so maybe tht is why I felt that way. Have fun reading all your wonderful books.

    • I really like it, but I am a fan of Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen as a creative team, which might help! Thanks for dropping by!

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