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Posted January 14, 2017 by Nicky in Reviews / 7 Comments

Cover of The Invisible Library by Genevieve CogmanThe Invisible Library, Genevieve Cogman

I don’t know why I was rather hard on this book the first time I read it. It’s a romp, and there’s a lot of seemingly disparate elements — mechanical centipedes alongside the fae — but it comes together really well. The main characters are Irene, Kai and Vale, and they’re all pretty fun. Irene is capable, but not infallible. Kai is a bit of a mystery, but also a decent person who genuinely forms bonds with those around him. And Vale is the archetype of a great detective, which is rather fun — especially if you know your great detectives. Brandamant is also interesting: very different to Irene in some ways, and yet I think they do have commonalities, and perhaps that’s why they don’t like each other.

I still wish there was more time spent in the Library itself, but now that I reflect on it, that’s more the book lover in me than the plotter. The Library would severely cramp the action: I’m sure there is a story that would work with that setting, but this isn’t it — these characters aren’t the ones. Not in this book, anyway.

It’s a fast-paced romp, and on this reading, I completely devoured it and loved it. I’m almost tempted to give it the full five stars.

Rating: 4/5

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7 responses to “Review – The Invisible Library

  1. I should revisit this – I was also hard on it on first reading, and then loved the second instalment (which I read only because I snagged an ARC; I’d previously decided not to continue with the series). I also wanted to see more of the Library, but you’re right – it wouldn’t work. I recall Vale initially annoyed me (really? REALLY? Couldn’t we have had an original character?), but he fits within the overarching concept and is a much more likeable bloke than his archetype 😉 – I warmed up to him by the end.

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