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ShelfLove Challenge 2016

ShelfLove Update!

And now it’s June… it’s been a busy month for me, with a big assignment to complete and wedding stuff to organise. Still, towards the end of the month I did start to catch up again, so I haven’t lost progress, and I’m hopeful for the month ahead. I’ve also read some books which have been on my TBR since 2010, and gone through my TBR piles to get rid of some books I’m no longer interested in. I still have 1,071 books on my owned-unread list, but it’s a start!

Last month I brought in more stats and colour coding, so here’s the rundown. The goals where I’m ahead are in blue; bang on are in green; behind by up to five books are in orange; anything else is in red. I now have a running total to show where I should be for the month (so for example, in books read overall, I should’ve read 121 by now, and I’m on 109).

  • Targets: 
    • 250 or less books bought;
    • 366 books read overall;
    • 200 books read which I owned prior to 2016;
    • no more than 10% of income on books per month.
  • Books bought this year so far: 92/100.
  • May books bought: 25/20.
  • May budget: N/a; not calculated this month because it’s been in both euros and pounds. Pretty sure it’s in the red though.
  • Owned books read this month: 18/16.
  • Books read this month: 29/31.
  • Owned books read overall: 72/84 (12 books behind).
  • Books read overall: 139/152 (13 books behind).

As in past months, I’m going to include a TBR pile for the month here — especially since this update post more or less covers this month’s theme of a check-in. If you want to actually check out my progress, check out the Mount TBR menu on my blog; everything red and struck through has been removed from my list, either by reading it or by deciding it’s no longer interesting!

Aaaand the TBR for this month focuses on reading books I’ve owned since before the end of 2015, and finishing some of the series I’m reading.

  • Diane Duane, The Door into Shadow. 
  • Diane Duane, The Door into Sunset.
  • Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette, The Tempering of Men.
  • Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette, An Apprentice to Elves.
  • M.C. Beaton, Sick of Shadows. 
  • M.C. Beaton, Our Lady of Pain.
  • Marie Brennan, In Ashes Lie.
  • Kristin Cashore, Bitterblue.
  • John Crowley, Little, Big.
  • Kerry Greenwood, Murder & Mendelssohn. 
  • Tanya Huff, Blood Lines.
  • Tanya Huff, Blood Pact.
  • Tanya Huff, Blood Debt.
  • Robin LaFevers, Mortal Heart.
  • Juliet Marillier, Tower of Thorns. 

No doubt I’ll read lots more, but I really hope to finish this bunch! Not to mention my personal challenge of rereading The Hobbit, this time in a French translation.

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6 responses to “ShelfLove June Update

  1. Aiming for 366 books read overall! Wow, that’s a lot! That number would include graphic novels/comics, right? Either way, that’s really impressive! Considering everything on your plate, you’ve kept up very well so far with all your goals.

    • Yeah, it definitely includes comics! TPBs, at least, since I count those in my buying totals as well. I’ve read over 500 books in a year before, and I don’t think that even included any comics, so in theory this should be a relatively relaxed goal. But I’m struggling!

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