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Posted November 3, 2015 by Nicky in Reviews / 6 Comments

Cover of The Hollow City by Ransom RiggsThe Hollow City, Ransom Riggs

I don’t think I have much to add with this book that I didn’t already say when it came to the first book. The juxtaposition of the vintage photography and the story works pretty well, even if the story rather demystifies the photographs by giving them explanations. The pacing is rather less glacial here, because the waiting’s over — a plot is in motion and the children have to keep moving, no matter what.

A little annoyingly, the books lead straight on, one from the other. You ideally need the next one on hand right away. My library doesn’t have the next book yet, so I can’t do that. There’s very little closure to make it feel like a natural ending — just, bam, another crisis, another problem, and… what now?

Well, I do want to find out, but if I have to wait, I’ll probably start forgetting details and get confused when I try to read the next one.

Rating: 4/5

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6 responses to “Review – The Hollow City

  1. I read this last week for Halloween and had to immediately start the next one, thankfully I had bought both this and the Library of Souls on the same day (I got a signed copy of Library of Souls so I’m very happy) Definitely worth the read and the photographs really are amazing and help to really flesh the story out. Will recommend this series to everyone!

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