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I’m doing really well and not buying books at the moment! But that doesn’t stop me going to the library (dun dun dunnn) or picking up comics. Though honestly, I picked these issues up a couple of weeks ago and forgot to include them then, so I thought I’d drop them into this post.

Review copies

Cover of The Very Best of Kate Elliott Cover of H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

I haven’t actually read anything by Kate Elliott yet, so this seems like a good place to start! As for H is for Hawk, I keep getting curious about it, but not curious enough to buy it… and then lo and behold, I get it on Netgalley. I’m quite interested to get round to reading it ASAP.

Library fiction

Cover of The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron Cover of The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron Cover of The Spirit Eater by Rachel Aaron

Cover of 7 Wonders by Adam Christopher Cover of The Iron King by Maurice Druon Cover of Starfish by Peter Watts

Cover of Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery Cover of Still Life by Louise Penny

Rachel Aaron and Adam Christopher have actually been on my TBR for ages, but that’s in ebook form, and sometimes I’m not in the mood for that. So I thought maybe getting from the library would kickstart me. As for the others, they come recommended by various people, and Emily of New Moon by my love of Anne of Green Gables, though I gather Emily’s a bit more saccharine than Anne.

Library non-fiction

Cover of Ladies of the Grand Tour by Brian Dolan Cover of The Galapagos by Henry Nicholls

I think a friend read Ladies of the Grand Tour recently, and The Galápagos has an obvious draw for me…

Comics (single issues)

DIG029097_2 DIG031290_3

Jessica Drew is awesome.

That’s it for me, and you may well add that that’s plenty for one person. What’s anyone else been getting their hands on?

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29 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I really like the covers for the Rachel Aaron series. I don’t remember seeing those books before so I’ll have to find out more about them to see if the plot appeals as much as the covers. Happy reading!

    • It’s funny, people on GR don’t seem to like them, but I agree with you guys. And Starfish does look creepy — if I recall rightly, it’s set deep under the sea, which is kinda creepy just to start with.

      Hope you had a good weekend too!

    • Peter Watts has been on my radar for aaaages, since a group read of Blindsight, which is what I meant to read first. But this was in the library, so it might well come first. I don’t have any other Elliott on my TBR as such, but I have been curious about her work for ages.

  2. Cait

    Ohhh, yay for Marvel!! I only just started reading comics and I LOVE them but my library has a really pitiful collection. >.> It’s very sad. But I’ll read what I can get my hands on. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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