Flashback Friday

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Hey folks! I’ve decided that each week, instead of uploading a whole new review on a Friday, I’m going to pick out one of my old reviews from before I had this blog, and post it up here in all its glory. This does three things: it gives me some extra content, giving me chance to spread out my new reviews more; it lets me archive some good reviews from Goodreads, which I’m steadily coming to dislike as a platform for reviewing; and it gives you the chance to see reviews of mine you may not have seen before.

I’ll start doing this from tomorrow; I promise that it’ll always be clear when it’s an old review and when it’s from, in the same way as I make it clear when I’ve received a review copy. Consider this advance warning that I can dig all the way back to 2007, and I was totally a brat at 17…

If anyone else would like to join in on this, maybe we could make a thing of it? I’m open to suggestion.

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6 responses to “Flashback Friday

      • arbieroo

        Really, you were a lot more agreeable than most teenagers are. We all tend to look back in horror at those years but it’s an essential part of establishing one’s own separate identity.

          • arbieroo

            OK – well I think most people are like that, too, but the pre-internet generations don’t encounter their past selves so forcibly anywhere near as often. But don’t worry – I’m embarrassed by me five years ago, sometimes, or five months ago, or even five minutes ago, occasionally, when my GAD gets out of control…

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