Review – I Only Killed Him Once

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Cover of I Only Killed Him Once by Adam ChristopherI Only Killed Him Once, Adam Christopher

And just like that, I’ve finished the last Raymond Electromatic book. I feel a bit sad now, though there’s no doubt I’ll come back: it’s a fun idea, and Christopher does a good job at a pastiche of Chandler’s style. I was quicker to the final answer here than Raymond, in several ways, but that only makes sense: he’s limited by a 24-hour memory, allowing Christopher to sprinkle in clues and deductions by him that he can’t remember, but which the reader can.

It could feel just annoying and obvious when Raymond finally arrives at the answer, but things speed along quickly enough — Raymond is aware of the limitations of his memory, so sometimes he’ll go along with something that’s happening in a way that both makes sense for the character and his limitations and prevents the reader from hopping up and down with frustration.

This last book brings a few things together and gives us some much-needed answers, in a way that’s pretty satisfying, while maintaining that pastiche feel and being a pretty slick read. For me at least, it brings it home triumphantly.

Rating: 4/5

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