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Cover of Network Effect by Martha WellsNetwork Effect, Martha Wells

I didn’t read this that long ago, but I still needed the reread, oof! There’s a lot going on — especially in the last 70 pages or so, and a good number of things I somehow hadn’t properly logged to long-term memory. It’s one of those books where even explaining the setup is kind of a spoiler for people who are only partway through the series, because so much has happened to bring us here… but suffice it to say that I love the meeting of old friends, the meeting of new ones about whom we didn’t know very much yet, and especially all the dialogue between Murderbot and the bot transport.

I still found that things are a bit slower and easier to follow going in — though I wouldn’t call it slow, there is a certain amount of waiting for things to happen, and quite a bit of trying to go off, find a quiet corner, and Have An Emotion — and then move at blurry, dizzying speed after a certain point. I think I’m up to speed on everything this time, but I wouldn’t want to be quizzed on it.

Honestly, poor Murderbot doesn’t nearly get enough time to just watch media, in this one. It does get in a couple of episodes of Sanctuary Moon and Worldhoppers, but c’mon. A Murderbot needs some more time to unwind.

Rating: 4/5

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