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Good afternoon! I ran out of pre-scheduled posts this week, and promptly ran headfirst into a busy time… but the backlog of reviews will be back soon, promise. In the meantime, I did get some new books!

Received to review

Cover of Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes Cover of A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske Cover of Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

Thanks as ever to the publishers for these! I feel like Dead Silence is more my wife’s thing than mine, but we share a Kindle account so there won’t be any jealousy…

New books

Cover of Subtle Blood by K.J. Charles Cover of Honeycomb by Joanne Harris Cover of Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Yesss, Subtle Blood is out — now I can start this trilogy! Have faithfully bought each book on release day, and the paperbacks as soon as possible… but until the HEA was assured, I couldn’t tuck in.

I’m also keen to read Honeycomb; I actually had an eARC through the Secret Readers programme, except then they decided to withdraw that month’s books early without explanation when I was 20% of the way through. It was infuriating.

Read this week

Cover of Bloodline by Jordan L. Hawk Cover of A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander Cover of Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese Cover of The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth by Thomas Morris

And that’s all for this week! How’s everyone doing? Got anything good this week?

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