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Oof, getting too warm to think in my little office in Yorkshire. Gah, summer is here again, apparently.

What are you currently reading?

I’m reading a lot all at once at the moment. This is normally something I’d feel weird and guilty about because I should be finishing books, right? But I’ve given up on that kind of guilting myself, and this is much closer to the joyful, voracious and random reading I did as a child — which is the kind of reading which made me really happy. So I’m sticking with it.

I’m still reading several of the books from last week; I’ve also picked up The Queer Principles of Kit Webb, by Cat Sebastian, because it sounded like exactly the ticket right now. I’ve also started in on the fifth Whyborne & Griffin book by Jordan L. Hawk, which promises to be the same quick-paced fun as the others — and I’m somewhat reassured that while Whyborne is never going to be a confident man, he has developed somewhat and learned to trust Griffin.

Cover of Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha LeeWhat have you recently finished reading?

I think the last thing I finished was Phoenix Extravagant, which was very different to Yoon Ha Lee’s series, starting with Ninefox Gambit, which is what really drew my attention to his work. I enjoyed Phoenix Extravagant, but it’s less complex/mind-bending to follow. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing or a good thing; it’s a different thing, and I’m still kind of letting it sit to see what I think when the dust has settled.

I also finished Plain Bad Heroines, which I found to be very lacking in payoff for all those pages of vaguely creepy promises.

What are you going to read next?

As ever, I don’t really know. I have a strong suspicion I’ll be picking up the third Lady Emily book by Tasha Alexander, and I’m quite in the mood to reread some old favourites too — which might be Marie Brennan, Ann Leckie, Becky Chambers, or Vivian Shaw…

We’ll see, as ever. Only time will tell, with my mood-reading and my moods!

What are you reading at the moment?

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3 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. Happy Friday! I’ve just finished The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri, which ticked all my boxes so hard I’m still dinging away happily from it. It’s made picking my next read challenging, so I’ve gone with something I wasn’t originally planning to read at all but which sounds like popcorn fun in space – A Pale Light In The Black by KB Wagers. A bit of light-hearted, found-family, salvage/search-and-rescue-based space opera sounds like a good change of pace (plus it’s not a review copy so I can chill-read rather than trying to keep track of What Do I Think About This 😉

    It feels like we had similar reactions to Phoenix? I’ve never reviewed it as I left it to settle then promptly couldn’t figure out what to say. I might reread it for the paperback release and see where I get to…
    imyril recently posted…The Jasmine ThroneMy Profile

    • I’m guessing I should hurry on The Jasmine Throne, then? 😀 I’m eager to read KB Wagers’ work, too!

      It just… so wasn’t what I expected from Yoon Ha Lee, and at first I think I judged it as being “younger” because I know about Dragon Pearl and it’s so much less mind-bending than the Hexarchate books. So that kinda threw me.

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