WWW Wednesday

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Ever so slightly belated WWW Wednesday!

Cover of The Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke ArnoldWhat are you currently reading? 

The Last Smile in Sunder City, by Luke Arnold. The cover is so blatantly copying from Ben Aaronovitch’s fairly iconic covers that it raises my eyebrow every time, the narration is trying so hard to be Raymond Chandler without his absolute knowledge of where every word should go, and if Jim Butcher isn’t an influence as well I’ll eat my bookshelf. That said, it’s fun as well, and when it gives trying to coin a phrase a rest for five minutes, I’m settling into it well.

Cover of The Woman in the Wardrobe by Peter ShafferWhat have you recently finished reading?

The Woman in the Wardrobe, by Peter Shaffer, and before that, The Seventh Perfection. The latter is very cleverly narrated, and I really need to sit down and put my review into words before it slips away. I sense that the narration is going to drive a lot of people absolutely up the wall, but I thought everything was worked out pretty cleverly.

What will you be reading next?

There’s a good chance it’ll be one of the books I got for my birthday! The one I’m probably most excited about is Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art, by Rebecca Wragg Sykes… but The Contact Paradox (Keith Cooper) is also calling to me.

What are you currently reading?

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4 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. I am with you on The Last Smile in Sunder City, down to my thoughts on the Rivers of London-like cover and the influence of Jim Butcher. But yes, it ended up being a fun book I was able to settle comfortably into, and now I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you’ve had a lovely day of fine weather, good books and TLC and that your rib isn’t hurting too much.

    I’m currently deep into The Empire of Gold by S A Chakraborty, which I’ve been sort of wading through and semi-enjoying but semi-coasting until today, when… well, my brain chemistry changed and now I’m wailing at the page and reluctant to put it down. Ah, brains.
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  3. I haven’t read anything all week but I finally picked up SAS Who Dares Wins, the book that the DS team wrote during the early seasons of the TV show. Hopefully I’ll finish it tonight!

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