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Aaaand it’s Wednesday again, for a little while longer. Here’s the usual check-in!

Cover of The Rules of Contagion by Adam KucharskiWhat are you currently reading?

Non-fiction: I’ve circled back to The Rules of Contagion, by Adam Kurcharski. For a few weeks, it was too topical for me. Right now it’s just about topical enough to engage my brain with being curious instead of anxious. (As ever, all hail whoever once told me that curiosity is the opposite of anxiety; it often works, for me. If you think about it, anxiety is a protective thing that is keeping you from new/dangerous experiences, but on overdrive. Curiosity is all about finding out new things. Not very compatible!)

Fiction: I don’t appear to have much truly active right now. I’m still reading The Steerswoman with my wife (Wife Book Club!) but I haven’t really been making much progress. I’m holding her back! It’s a reread for me, but I really should try to catch up.

Cover of Castle Skull by John Dickson CarrWhat have you recently finished reading?

I finally polished off Castle Skull last night, and I probably should have just DNFed it. I’m just not a John Dickson Carr fan, and his solutions tend to annoy me more than they satisfy. I really do not love his detectives one bit.

Cover of Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuistonWhat will you be reading next?

Who knows? I did get my last book order from Portal Bookshop through, though: I now have Red, White and Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston, and that sounds really, really fun right now. (Concept: the son of a fictional female US president falls in love with a fictional British prince. Shenanigans ensue as they try not to sabotage anyone’s presidential campaign. Sign me up for this reality.)

What are you reading?

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2 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. Happy midweek! I have finally mustered enough concentration to finish The Ten Thousand Doors of January, which is surely going to be one of my favourite reads of the year in spite of how hard I made it look. This weekend, I’ll be hoovering up Stark Holborn’s new novella, Triggernometry (what’s not to like about a wild west where doing maths makes you a wanted person) and probably Devolution by Max Brooks (because I don’t think I’ll _need_ to concentrate for a Bigfoot story). I’ve got next week off work so I’m hoping to do a lot of reading, but… well, we’ll see. It might be a lot of playing Baldur’s Gate instead.
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    • Ooh. That’s a recommendation from you for Ten Thousand Doors, then? 😀

      I’m pretty much going with the flow. Half the time the flow involves a lot of Uno.

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