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Hey folks! A quick WWW Wednesday…

Cover of Salt by Mark KurlanskyWhat are you currently reading?

Non-fiction: Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. I’m thinking of ditching it, though. It doesn’t feel very much like there’s a coherent narrative here; it’s just a lot of facts about salt, one after the other. It is interesting, but it feels more like reading a series of encyclopaedia entries or something.

Fiction: I’m partway through rereading Mira Grant’s Feed, which I think I talked about last week. Wife Book Club (aka me and my wife read the same book at the same time) is now The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein. It’s a reread for me, but Lisa’s discovering it for the first time. We haven’t actually discussed it much yet…

Cover of It Takes Two To Tumble by Cat SebastianWhat have you recently finished reading?

It Takes Two To Tumble by Cat Sebastian. It’s just adorable; somebody described it as Sound of Music, minus some of the kids and all of the singing. That’s pretty much it. There’s also a subplot involving one of the main characters having dyslexia, as does his son, which I felt seemed well-handled? And I enjoyed the female love interest (inasfar as she was really a love interest).

What are you going to read next?

I have no earthly idea. Honestly, I’m not managing to read much. My anxiety medication is helping, but either I’m not finding the right book or my mood isn’t stable enough yet. I’m not going to make any guesses or set any goals; I’ll figure it out in its own time.

What are you currently reading?

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2 responses to “WWW Wednesday

  1. It’s strange days, for sure. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way. I really enjoyed Kurlansky’s Cod – a coherent, compelling history of the (cod) fishing industry – but I bounced off Salt, finding it very dry. I keep meaning to go back but you’re not encouraging me!

    I’ve struggled to settle into reading and have consequently played Sunless Sea quite a bit (hooray, I finally made the Zong of the Zee!). I bounced off The Gilded Wolves (felt like a YA ingredients list, never really came together, and when I am exhausted by the idea of reading what should be a fun heist novel it’s time to move on) but have been chugging through Max Barry’s Lexicon (which turns out not to be the book I thought it was, but is very easy to read). Back to my Subjective Chaos fantasy nominees next, although it’s awfully tempting to embrace a reread… or switch to playing Sunless Skies 😛
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    • I’m not encouraging myself… I think it might be a DNF.

      Naw, The Gilded Wolves is on my to-read list as someone bought me it at Christmas. We’ll see how I find it… whenever I get there.

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