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Slowly, slowly, we’re coming to the end of the moving nightmare. I’m writing this from my new office space, and all my books are on shelves… if not quite the shelves they will finally be on (and the comic books aren’t unpacked at all). Here’s a sneaky shelfie… (and a bun checking his email).


So much left to do, but we’re here and the bunnies are here and everything’s gonna be good.

Books read this week:

Cover of Genghis Khan by John Man Cover of The Paper Trail by Alexander Monro

They were both pretty fascinating — learned a lot more about the impact of Buddhist sutras on the history of paper than I ever expected to.

Reviews posted this week:

The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler. Nobody writes quite like Chandler, though some of his views on women and people of colour are sickening. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone without caveats, but boy oh boy he could write. 4/5 stars

Other posts:

Discussion: Too many books at once? Is there such a thing?
WWW Wednesday. The latest update on exactly what I’m reading right now.

Out and about:

NEAT science: Vive la Pluto. My entry into the debate over whether Pluto’s a planet or not. (Spoiler: yes. As my sister says, with an appalling lack of concern for whether it’s actually correct French, “vive la Pluto”.)

So how’re you all doing? I miss checking out other people’s blogs — I have a list of posts to check out as long as my leg (we overflowed my arm a couple of weeks ago)!

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10 responses to “Weekly Roundup

  1. Your office space looks great and plenty of space to enjoy! Well, compared to my cramped (but cozy!) Book Cave! It must be a relief to be gradually getting settled in and ready to relax for autumn and winter.

    • Right?! The doors are really to keep marauding bunnies out, but they add an extra something.

      And totally, yeah. Pluto has always been a planet to me.

  2. Oooh, epic bookshelves! Hooray for Ikea (I’d be lost without my Billy bookcases)

    I’m with you though – I’ve been so snowed under at work I’ve not had time to read blogs that have hit my inbox let alone go bloghopping to check in on the rest or leave comments. I’m really looking forward to things getting quieter the next couple weeks – and then I get some much-needed time off. Can’t wait.
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    • Yep, these are all Billys, with Oxberg doors to protect them from bunny attentions. 😀

      I’m starting to get back into a normal rhythm now! It’s a relief. I managed to clear my inbox properly for the first time in a couple of weeks over this weekend!

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