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Good morning, everyone! I’m in the UK again ready for my exams, and getting up bright and early every day to study. So it’s no surprise that I’ve, uh, had quite a haul and not managed to read much. But before we get into that, here’s the obligatory bunny pictures!

Hulk sat in an office chair looking stern
She looks stern, but she just wants a piece of banana. You know you want to give her one.
“Oh no! The paps caught me cleaning my paws!”

I miss ’em, even though they’re a pile of chaos.

Received to review:

Cover of Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang Cover of The Stars Now Unclaimed by Drew Williams Cover of Redemption's Blade by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Cover of The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen Cover of Shelter by Dave Hutchinson

I also now have a paperback copy of Yoon Ha Lee’s Revenant Gun to go with the ebook! Now I definitely must hurry and read it.

Bought this week:

Cover of The Lake District Murder by John Bude Cover of Excellent Intentions by Richard Hull Cover of Thirteen Guests by J. Jefferson Farjohn

Cover of Death of Anton by Alan Melville Cover of The Dead Shall Be Raised & Death of a Quack by Goerge Bellairs Cover of A Scream in Soho by John G. Brandon

Cover of Arabella and the Battle of Venus by David D. Levine Cover of Behave by Robert M. Sapolsky Cover of The Amazons by John Man

Yay, more British Library Crime Classics! I think there are two more in the post, too… Better be the last of the books for a while, heh.

Read this week:

Cover of Hardian's Wall by David Breeze and Brian Dobson

Yep, that’s the sum total.

Reviewed this week:

The Great Mortality, by John Kelly. A historical look at the Black Death, how it started and how it spread. Less science details than I’d have liked! 3/5 stars
Death on the Cherwell, by Mavis Doriel Hay. Entertaining, but not a patch on that other book written in the Golden Age about a women’s college in Oxford. 3/5 stars
Keeping Their Marbles, by Tiffany Jenkins. One of my more in-depth and conflicted reviews in quite a while. This book examines the case for repatriating artefacts and remains, and the author’s opinion is a resounding “don’t”. I struggle with that. 3/5 stars
The Fisher of Bones, by Sarah Gailey. Some fascinating ideas, and particularly the ending, but it felt more like a sketch map than a painting. 3/5 stars
Brimstone, by Cherie Priest. This one worked for me because of the strength of the characters. I’m not sure it’s Priest’s most memorable book, but I enjoyed reading it and definitely got invested. 4/5 stars

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And now, studying… What’s everyone else up to?

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11 responses to “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I love your bunny, soo cute!! You have some awesome looking books, I added a few to my TBR pile!! Love the cozies also. Good luck with exams!!

  2. We seem to have a lot of the same interests! One of the things on my bucket list is to travel the whole of Hadrian’s Wall, as much as possible anyway, so I always love finding books about it. I’m also quite interested in ‘Keeping Their Marbles’, but given the author’s viewpoint, do you have any others to suggest that would err on the side of ‘YES, RETURN ALL THIS STOLEN STUFF ASAP!’ ?

    • The book on Hadrian’s wall I read this week is a bit of a classic, I think! Interesting stuff, and it’s been updated to new editions about four times. As for the returning stuff, sadly, I have no recs — I’ve actually asked an archaeologist-by-training friend to let me know if they can think of anything! Two things I have seen around are Stealing History by Roger Atwood and Chasing Aphrodite by Jason Felch, but I haven’t read them to be sure!

      • Funny you mention those – they are both on my TBR but I have not gotten to them yet! I am also interested in Behave, and have added it to my TBR – Lord knows we have a lot of insane behavior going on in the US right now, what with Armageddon practically upon us. Might make for an interesting read while I stand here wondering what the heck is going on!

  3. That first bunny pic does look a bit stern? I think I’d be handing over a banana. 🙂

    The Hadrian’s Wall book looks interesting, I’ve always been fascinated by the Wall.Especially by the fact that it’s still standing. Would love to hike around it.
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