The Book Depository Bookmarks Disaster

Posted November 15, 2017 by Nicky in General / 9 Comments

I collect Book Depository bookmarks. They’re always the perfect size for any book, they have some cool designs, and they appeal to my “gotta catch ’em all” mentality of a kid who grew up with Pokemon. I’m not sure how many I have, since some of my collection are safely tucked away at my parents’ house for now, but I have quite a few. No complete sets though, alas!

And, alas, a couple of days ago Breakfast Bun knocked over a glass of coke, and apparently coke turns into a thick brown sticky mass if you don’t realise it’s got all over the place. Not that we could’ve saved the bookmarks anyway, since they’re made of card, but… Anyway, so, disaster.

A post mortem of some of the victims.

So! If you happen to have a bunch of Book Depository bookmarks (of any set) that are in pretty good condition, and you don’t collect them mildly obsessively like me, let’s talk! Annoyingly, three of those above are ones a friend sent me in response to this exact plea, which is beyond annoying.

Anyway, yeah. Now you know my silly secret. And to reward you for being patient, here’s a photo of the culprit in all this.

The culprit behind bars.



9 responses to “The Book Depository Bookmarks Disaster

  1. Oh, Breakfast Bun! Sorry to hear about your ruined bookmarks. This is the first I’ve heard about BD bookmark sets being a thing though. I have noticed in the past that some of my orders came with cool bookmarks (I have a couple Chinese Zodiac Year of the ___ ones) but I didn’t really give them much thought. Now you might have started a new obsession…
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