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So it’s March, how are my challenges going?

Shelf Love Challenge 2017 A "Game of Books" image, based on the Iron Throne

You can read more about ShelfLove here, and see the origins of Game of Books here!

Books read (overall): 49
Books read (backlog): 26
Points earned (see spreadsheet): 223
Five-star reads: 3
Four-star reads: 19
Three-star reads: 15
Two-star reads: 6
One-star reads: 2

The discussion this month is about books that have been on our TBR the longest. I’ll go back as far as the beginning of this blog for the ones I bought waaaay back then…

 Cover of Gretel and the Dark, by Eliza Granville

Cover of Bear Daughter by Judith Berman Cover of The Palace Job, by Patrick Weekes Cover of Dark Benediction by Walter M. Miller Cover of The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher

And some of those are even ARCs. Shame on me…

Who else still has TBR books from 2013 and earlier? Don’t let it just be me…

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8 responses to “ShelfLove/Game of Books Update

    • Haha, I’ve definitely got stuff pre-2011 too…

      Just so you know, there are some people who follow my journal who’re actually physically lame and really hate it when people use lame as a derogatory term, so I edited your comment very slightly.

  1. I’m pretty sure I have have unread books that I might have purchased between 2011 and 2013…I am trying to get to some of them but those shiny new books keep dragging me away!

  2. *hands up* I don’t have any ARCs that old as I’ve only been getting them for the past 18 months or so – I think my oldest ARC is just under 12 months aged (I had a rapid change of heart about my interest in it during the author’s pre-referendum tweeting. Eeeeeeeeeesh). But my TBR? I think The Island of the Day Before is probably the most aged book on it, which is coming up on 19 years unread, closely followed by Moby Dick – I can’t quite remember when I picked that up, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had it longer than I’ve been with Mr B and we got together in 2001…

    Even if I limit it to genre books, I’ve got GRRM’s Dreamsongs sitting mouldering and that was a Christmas present in 2006 (thank you, LibraryThing, for tracking my guilt all these years). I… eh. Okay, I’ve done pretty well at staying on top of the SF books. The guilt there doesn’t really kick in until I got a Kindle and they started queuing up where I couldn’t physically see them 😉
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    • Uhoh. I don’t begrudge authors the right to be political etc, but sometimes it is rather.. offputting, isn’t it?

      I know most of my list is post-2011. There were 30 books I owned and hadn’t read before that… and I think I’ve read most of those now. 2011 is just when I started keeping track, though…

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