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Cover of Blood Trail by Tanya HuffBlood Trail, Tanya Huff

The second book in the Vicky Nelson series introduces more supernatural beings — this time werewolves, although the lore isn’t 100% traditional. (For example, werewolves are born, not created; if you aren’t a werewolf, you won’t become one.) It deals again, and more directly, with the problems that occur for supernatural beings living in a human community. The plot itself is reasonably obvious, and the ingredients make the outcome obvious: the way they get there and the characters surrounding them are more important, really.

Ultimately, I find this a comfort read; not too heavy on substance, more representative of real life than you often find (i.e. with Vicky’s disability, Henry’s sexuality, etc), and easy to read. There are some meaty things here — Celluci’s relationship with Vicky, and how that shapes his relationship with Henry; Vicky’s insistence on being independent, her certainty about her own skills and instincts despite her disability; prejudice against people that aren’t like you — and even some questions about justice and how exactly it can be enforced in special situations the law doesn’t cover (e.g. if someone killed a werewolf in their wolf form, so it’s not apparent that it is murder). But it’s treated with a fairly light hand, which keeps it highly readable.

I do wish Celluci would get with the program and grow up, though.

Rating: 3/5

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6 responses to “Review – Blood Trail

  1. Dingsi

    Ugh I so agree w/ your last sentence, Celluci’s behaviour regarding Vicki is the most grating part of the books for me so far. And their constant shouting matches. Yeah I know it’s their personalities and that for them this is practically normal, but for me it’s stressful.
    I’ve been tempted to order the next omnibus but I think I ought to reduce my current to-read pile first.

    • Celluci is just… so unappealing to me because of all that. She’s a capable person and he supposedly knows it, so why he has to be all superior and protective and… gah.

      I actually had a spare copy of the second and third omnibuses which I could’ve sent you, but I juuuust gave them to my sister! Darn.

      • Dingsi

        Yes exactly, the protectiveness and the… doing background checks on Henry and other things even though Celluci knows Vicki wouldn’t approve. Sigh. Hopefully he’ll mellow out over the next books and get it through his thick skull that Vicki can handle herself.
        Aw don’t worry, I hope your sister likes them 🙂 Like I said, I have so many other books to get through first. But I appreciate the thought!

        • Well, as of the end of the third book, he still hasn’t really got there. And Henry joined in a bit, too. But Vicki gave them both a serious scolding, so the fourth book might show some improvement!

          My sister is a Tanya Huff fan in general, so she’s probably gonna have fun, but hate Celluci, heh.

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