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Cover of Ms Marvel: Last DaysMs Marvel: Last Days, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona

Between the main plot and the extra material, this contains team-ups between Kamala Khan and both Captain Marvel and Spider-man. Awesome. Unfortunately, the extra material makes very little sense because it’s from Amazing Spider-man issues seven and eight… so pretty much without context. There are some funny bits, though, with Peter Parker teaching Kamala the ways of snark.

The main plot is better, though it is a tie-in with the recent timeline convergence event type thing which I know basically nothing else about. It’s interesting to see Kamala team up with Carol, although Carol is pretty bland here (why is her costume all grey?); Kamala’s excited questions and chatter are perfect. Expressions and art are perfect for the series, as usual: I love the faces Kamala makes.

Also, cute points like Kamala nursing heartbreak by eating tons of hotdogs and philosophising to the hotdog stand owner.

The family stuff is great here, too: we see Kamala’s brother come into his own a bit, defending his choices in life, defending his sister, and not wanting the same sort of life as Kamala. He’s happy as he is, and Kamran is entirely wrong that Aamir is at all discontented or jealous. That’s nice to see, and also the section with Kamala’s mother telling her she knows she’s Ms Marvel — much better than an ever-oblivious Aunt May situation, like Ultimate Spider-man. Aaaaand it finally resolves some of the tension with Bruno’s feelings for Kamala, with a very sweet scene in which they remain definitely best friends, with plenty of potential for more… if they survive.

Rating: 4/5

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