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Cover of Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate AtkinsonStarted Early, Took My Dog, Kate Atkinson

Read for a reading challenge, and that’s the only reason I stuck with it. At all. The prompt for this one was “set in your hometown”, and Leeds was the closest I found. So I knew the Merrion Centre, where part of it was set, etc. I wasn’t impressed, though; the narration was really meandering, not always on point at all, and it takes ages to really get started. I kind of have difficulty with the idea of Tracy buying a prostitute’s daughter in this casual way, and I roooooolled my eyes at all the stereotypes about her being fat, a battle-axe, looks like a lesbian, etc, etc. And the stereotypical elderly lady, starting to succumb to dementia.

So I started off on a bad foot with this book, and stayed on it. I didn’t settle into the style at all — the book nearly hit the wall at some points, I found it so frustrating.

Very much not for me, in any sense. I hesitate to say it’s a bad book, because there’s no accounting for taste and all that, but it really wasn’t something I’d recommend.

Rating: 1/5

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2 responses to “Review – Started Early, Took My Dog

  1. Re: buying a prostitute’s daughter: an acquaintance bought a young girl from a drug addict. There was an ad in the local classifieds, offering to exchange a child for a cat, and said acquaintance decided to respond, brought along her cat, and took the child home. (She cheated the addict though and took the cat back home as well). The world is an odd, odd place.

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