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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is “how many books do you own the most from”. I’m gonna be totally unscientific here and just take some wild guesses.

  1. Jo Walton. I own all her books, often in several formats. I think this one’s a safe bet.
  2. Ngaio Marsh. I have all those omnibuses. Omnibii?
  3. Robin Hobb. I’ve been reading everything she writes since I was, uh, thirteen ish?
  4. Guy Gavriel Kay. Again with the multiple formats.
  5. Ursula Le Guin. I don’t own everything she’s done, and I don’t usually have multiple copies, but I think she might still outnumber eveeeryone else. She’s just so good, I’m willing to try anything she’s done.
  6. Steven Brust. This is Jo Walton’s fault. I haven’t even read most of them yet.
  7. Tanya Huff. This is a guess, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I’ve bought most of her books, though I haven’t read them all yet.
  8. J.R.R. Tolkien. Everything bar the twelve volume history of Middle-earth, I think. Multiple editions.
  9. The Gawain-poet. Whoever he (or she?) was. I own so many translations — probably at least nine?
  10. The Beowulf-poet. I’m not quite as big a fan as I am of the Gawain-poet, but still. I’ve got a facing translation one, Heaney’s, Tolkien’s… the list goes on.

So, what about everyone else? Strangely, Dorothy L. Sayers does not make the cut, because I borrowed my copies to read.

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10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love Hobb, but I only own the Tawny Man trilogy as physical books. Then I have two Liveship Traders on my Kindle (currently reading that series), but I don’t own the Farseer trilogy in any form! I would have bought it a while ago, but it wouldn’t fit on my shelves. I haven’t read anything else by her, yet, although I count her as one of my favourite writers.

  2. Shredded Cheddar


    Our Tenners have J.R.R. Tolkien in common. =) I’m embarrassed to say that a friend gave me a Ngaio Marsh novel several years ago and I still haven’t read it. (Gasp!)

    • Oh, I do like Ngaio Marsh, I recommend her work if you’re into mysteries. It’s not on the level of, say, Dorothy L. Sayers, but it’s at least Agatha Christie level, and entertaining.

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