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Posted February 7, 2024 by Nicky in General / 0 Comments

Hey folks!

The Jetpack folks didn’t look at a test post I made a while ago in time, so the logs expired and they weren’t able to actually look into the problem… so I need to make a new scheduled post for them to take a look at, so they can figure out why they’re not sending an email for scheduled posts. I didn’t want to post something I worked on like a review or a linkup post, since then I’d probably not get any replies and the work would be wasted.

Of course, if things are fixed and this goes out to you all in email, I’ll really kick myself, since I have two more posts due to go up today (WWW Wednesday and a review). So many sorrys if that occurs and I spam your email! (And sorry anyways to the folks with RSS feeds.)

This post will hopefully self-destruct once Jetpack people take a look at the situation.



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