Top Ten Tuesday: When I Get A Round Tuit

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is all about the books you meant to read in 2023, and didn’t get to. There are books I’ve been neglecting much longer than that, but let’s hope I get a round tuit this year…

Cover of System Collapse by Martha Wells Cover of Eve: How the Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution, by Cat Bohannon Cover of Cassiel's Servant by Jacqueline Carey Cover of Ink Blood Sister Scribe by Emma Törzs Cover of Witch King by Martha Wells

  1. System Collapse, by Martha Wells. I feel worst about the ARCs I neglect, and extra-bad about this one. I really want to read it! I love Murderbot! But here we are, and it’s well into January, and still…
  2. Eve: How The Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution, by Cat Bohannon. This was an ARC as well, and I bought a hardback in November, but I still haven’t so much as opened it. I’m sorry… I’m in a non-fiction mood at the moment (more than usual, I mean), so I might yet pick it up in January!
  3. Cassiel’s Servant, by Jacqueline Carey. Another ARC I neglected, in part because I meant to finish rereading Kushiel’s Avatar first, and I still haven’t managed that. I still love you, Joscelin.
  4. Ink Blood Sister Scribe, by Emma Törzs. I had this in ARC and also bought a copy (I like to do that when I’m late with reviewing an eARC), and still haven’t done more than read the first couple of pages. Rare magic books, how could I not love the idea of this one?
  5. Witch King, by Martha Wells. Look, I’m wincing as hard as you are. Yes, this was an eARC as well. And I bought a copy on release day. In my defence, it did come out during my exams! But I’m letting Martha Wells down hard, I know.
  6. Lost in the Moment and Found, by Seanan McGuire. I didn’t get to this one because I needed to catch up on the series first, and hadn’t realised I was several books behind, but I can at least report I’m nearly there! I read Where the Drowned Girls Go over the weekend.
  7. In The Lives of Puppets, by TJ Klune. Once more, I own a copy as well as having received an eARC. I really enjoyed The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door (though I’m aware of some of the criticisms of Klune’s work), and I’m looking forward to giving this a shot.
  8. Someone from the Past, by Margot Bennett. This one’s not an ARC! I had a tradition of reading the book I got from my British Library Crime Classics subscription right away, for the first part of the year… and then got a bit discombobulated when I got the Christmas anthology in October. I want to catch up and get back to it, so Someone from the Past is high on my list.
  9. Big Ben Strikes Eleven, by David Magarshack. Same here — I think this was the November book, and the Bennett was the December book? So I’d like to get round to both of them soon and get back to reading the new one as soon as it arrives.
  10. A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel, by KJ Charles. I got this on the day it released, and fully intended to read it right away — KJ Charles almost never misses for me! But I wasn’t quite in the mood, and then I put it aside for a bit, and well… it’s still there now.

Cover of Lost in the Moment and Found by Seanan McGuire Cover of In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune Cover of Someone From The Past by Margot Bennett Cover of Big Ben Strikes Eleven by David Magarshack Cover of A Nobleman's Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel by KJ Charles

Broadly speaking, I try not to be too prescriptive about what I “should” be reading, and let it be flexible depending on what I feel like. Which does land me in messes when it comes to review copies… but it’s a fairly chill way to read, most of the time! So I’m not kicking myself too hard about not reading these books yet. Their time will come.

How about you? Do you have strict to-read lists and schedules?

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38 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: When I Get A Round Tuit

    • I try only to request things I’m really interested in reading right away, but… I do seem to terribly overestimate my capacity, haha.

      • I just don’t accept any pressure. (: I never promise to review by X date or anything. Stuff gets read in its own good time, and if a publisher/author isn’t okay with that, they can just not give me a copy. I feel a little bad sometimes when a book’s been out for ages, but not so bad that I’ll ever read something when it feels like I’m having to force myself.

    • Oh, interesting! I guess when it came out I wasn’t too connected to the blogosphere for a while, so I didn’t see a lot about it and didn’t see whether it got big on blogs or not.

  1. Good luck with all your ARCs. I don’t request them anymore because I hated reading on a deadline. I can only handle that with book club, lol. I hope you enjoy reading all of these when you get to them. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Heh, I just don’t accept a deadline. Anything I get is with the knowledge that I review in my own good time. I try not to request anything I’m not enthusiastic about, and I tend to buy retail copies if I miss the deadline entirely… but none of that’s a promise. All of that’s covered in my review policy, so it’s down to publishers/authors to say yay or nay based on that!

    • It’s so good! I can’t believe I haven’t picked up the latest yet, but sometimes my brain just won’t cooperate, and I won’t force it!

    • Eh, I don’t actually accept anything that’s pushing a hard deadline. I just promise a review “when I’ve read it”. I love making lists and schedules, and I hate sticking to them. XD So I’ve broken no promises, but I’d still like to get to them!

  2. I seem to be on a pendulum between scheduling my reading and reading what I want. Too much scheduling and I lose the enjoyment of reading. Too little scheduling makes my reading time disappear into streaming shows and playing puzzle games. Happy reading in 2024!

    • I know that feeling very well! I’ve been trying something new the last couple of days with trying to just stick to reading even when I get the restless urge to do something else, without strict scheduling. It’s working well for now…

  3. Wow–we read totally different stuff. Very intersecting to find so many new-to-me books. That’s the beauty of TTT, isn’t it? Finding new authors and new types of books–and new blogger/reviewers you trust! Good work.

    • I’ve been behind on Murderbot before, and other series I love… I think I’m subconsciously saving it for when I “need” it.

      Good to know, re: A Nobleman’s Guide! Iiinteresting.

  4. I’m a mood reader, too, and yes, and it has gotten me into trouble with ARCs at times. The books I didn’t get to this year (well, the top 10 that I still really want to read but didn’t get to) are a mix of ARCs, gifts, and books I have every intention of reading but didn’t have a copy of. Several of the latter are in my hold queue at the library, though, so I hope to catch up on at least some of my TTT list in the next 6 months.
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