The Last Ten Books

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This tag caught my attention — particularly since I had it by way of Calmgrove, who rarely (if ever) goes in for anything uninformative and dull.

1. The last book I gave up on:Cover of A Little History of Science by William F Bynum
Apparently it was A Little History of Science, by William Bynum. I didn’t think much of it; not only was it very brief and obvious for someone with my level of background knowledge — not that I’ve ever particularly studied the history of science, but the Open University is pretty keen on giving credit where it’s due and describing how discoveries were made — but there were things that were just plain wrong. Neither hieroglyphs nor Chinese characters are purely “pictographic” languages…

2. The last book I re-read:
I’m still in the middle of doing it: The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper. It’s a seasonal reread for me, and I think I skipped last year, so it’s been good. Unfortunately, I think I’ve read it a bit too much; it’s overly familiar, these days, and has got rather worn. I’m trying to remember to see the little touches that I always liked best — I’ve always wondered about things like who Cooper meant by the half-Viking English king who received a secret ship burial with the Sign of Water, for instance.

3. The last book I bought:
The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History, by Kassia St Clair. It looks satisfyingly wide-ranging — from Egyptian mummies to sports fabrics. I guess my appetite for this has been whetted by the Great British Sewing Bee, which has some references to where particular fabrics came from in the educational segments between challenges.

4. The last book I said I read but actually didn’t:
I don’t generally do this. So probably it’s something from university where I nodded and smiled through a lecture; I’m pretty sure I did actually finish Moll Flanders, but I might’ve abandoned Amis’ Money: A Suicide Note. Lor’, I hated that book. After that year I picked my own modules, of course, so there were much fewer things I just didn’t care to read.

5. The last book I wrote in the margins of:
I don’t do this to novels or even non-fiction I’m reading for fun, so the answer will be one of my textbooks. I think the last printed textbook the Open University sent me was Investigative and mathematical skills in science — I’m not sure now if Cell Biology or Human Biology had textbooks. If they did, then it will have been Unit 3: Challenging Cells, or some such title.

6. The last book I had signed:Cover of Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell
Hmmm! I think the last book I actually had signed in person might be Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something, since that was so long ago!

7. The last book I lost:
I can’t think of it, it’s so lost! I think I’ve misplaced copies between my various abodes, but always kind of knew the book would be at the other place. Last one I noticed was Blood and Circuses, by Kerry Greenwood, and I know now that my mother has that. Oh no, I’ve thought of one — I have no idea where my copy of The Positronic Man is, which is a shame, since I read that over and over (and for which I racked up the most glorious library fine in my history of library fines, at the tender age of nine).

8. The last book I had to replace:
I think The Dark is Rising might be coming up for a replacement, if I can find a copy with the right kind of font. (I hate the big font used in a lot of children’s books!) I tend to be a fairly careful reader, so it’s not common. I know as a child my copy of The Eagle of the Ninth had to be replaced, possibly even twice; my mother read that to bits in tandem with me, though, as we both loved it.

Cover of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer9. The last book I argued over:
I keep having people argue with me over my distaste for Ian Mortimer’s The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval EnglandI’m thinking of getting up a bingo card for it with squares for ‘I’d like to see you do better’ and ‘life was just like that for women’.

10. The last book I couldn’t find:
Isn’t that more or less the same question as #7? Unless lost means ‘you definitely know you won’t get it back’, in which case my answer for #7 should’ve been my copy of The Gormenghast Trilogy, which a flatmate of mine carried off and never returned — we’ve pretty much lost touch now, so it’s lost to time for me, I think.

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6 responses to “The Last Ten Books

  1. Oh, I did enjoy these choices, Nikki, and especially the discussion round them. I suspect the difference between “lost” and “couldn’t find” is that the first you lost on a train, or on holiday or (as with you) during a move, and the second is “it’s somewhere in the house I think/hope but goodness knows where” (certainly has been the case with me)! And thanks for the kind words, I’m not always sure if I ever make sense…

  2. I think a better range of lasts could have been created! Maybe I’ll do my own version as 7 and 10 are so similar. And where is last book read? I don’t get why people would claim to have read a book that they haven’t read unless it is a memory issue. I’d never write in the margins of my precious babies!

  3. Oh gosh, I like this tag – although I’m with Chuckles, I’m not sure about a couple of the categories. Still, I think I’ll file it away for a book tag sort of day 😀

    I’ve never had to replace my copy of The Dark is Rising (yet), but my copy of Earthsea is literally falling apart at the seams. I’ve sort of replaced The Eagle of the Ninth – I tripped up over a really old hardback edition in a secondhand bookshop and bought it for the joy – but my original copy of Three Legions is in surprisingly good nick. I’m blaming Earthsea on poor glue as these are all the same age and have had just as much love!
    imyril recently posted…December Redux: ending the year quietlyMy Profile

    • My copy of Earthsea is rather battered, too — not quite as bad as The Dark is Rising, though the main fault with TDIR is that I bent the spine at that age, and all the creased and re-creased paper on the seam is coming away in flakes and curls. Whoops.

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