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Cover of The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno BettelheimThe Uses of Enchantment, Bruno Bettelheim

In terms of the psychoanalysis here, which is heavily based on Freud’s work, it sounds like a lot of rubbish to me. And if you know Bettelheim’s work from his work on autism, you’re not entirely safe from that here — he only mentions it once or twice, but it’s still jarringly wrong. Still, some of his analyses of the texts on a literary level do make sense, and his suggestions of how some people might apply their own lives in understanding and interpreting them are fascinating. As a literary work, The Uses of Enchantment is a bit of a classic, and if you’re a first year English Lit student wondering why Red Riding Hood’s signature colour signifies her coming to sexual maturity, well, it’s got you covered.

Reading it now, eh. I can appreciate some of the stories he tells about the way people relate to stories, even if the psychoanalysis behind it is laughable at times. (Warning: I was raised by a psychiatrist. I haven’t read Freud for myself, just absorbed a healthy disdain through my mother and what I encountered as a lit student.) Some of his comments on why fairytales endure while modern morality stories don’t work, too. But overall… shrug?

Rating: 2/5

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2 responses to “Review – The Uses of Enchantment

  1. Read early on this is heady stuff, but with hindsight — and better understanding of how fairytales evolve, not to mention a partner who’s a psychologist — his interpretations are clearly, shall we say, ‘creative’. Still, much food for thought and a book I’d happily read again.
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    • It’s definitely not a chore to read! I actually found it surprisingly engaging. Just wrong-headed, and particularly offensive about autism.

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