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This week’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is “unique books”. I’m not sure these books are unique, but they felt like a breath of fresh air when I read them.

  1. The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison. A complete antidote to all the grimdark fantasy out there, this felt like a message of hope. It’s about building bridges rather than walls. Apt for the current political climate, I’d say.
  2. The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch. I’m not sure why, but this practically leapt off the page for me when I read it first.
  3. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers. Character-focused, thoughtful, touching. Small scope, huge heart.
  4. The Bone Palace, by Amanda Downum. The first book didn’t blow me away, but this one did, particularly with the character of Savedra.
  5. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N.K. Jemisin. I went in sceptical; I came out dazed.
  6. This Savage Song, by Victoria Schwab. Or perhaps Vicious — either way, there’s some vital spark about Schwab’s work that made it feel genuinely exciting.
  7. Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. I picked it up with quite a bit of scepticism, and then devoured it. Something felt new.
  8. City of Stairs, by Robert Jackson Bennett. One of those books that made me go, wow, you’ve gotta read this.
  9. Among Others, by Jo Walton. It’s set after the character’s great calamity — it’s about moving on (and the way life doesn’t stop throwing new stories at you).
  10. Assassin’s Apprentice, by Robin Hobb. I read it when I was fourteen and was totally hooked. The magic systems were just fascinating.

Kinda dreading looking at other people’s lists today — as if I need to expand my TBR more! By which I mean: gimme.

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16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I struggled with unique…not easy when you read a lot of books in the same genres! I decided to apply it to characters which was a bit easier! I’ve only looked at the Laini Taylor book from your list but I couldn’t get into it for some reason. I don’t even remember now! I liked the cover though…

  2. I considered including Among Others and then went with Lifelode. I do love Jo Walton’s work – so much of it stands out from the crowd (even her take on The Matter of Britain is hardly traditional)

  3. The Goblin Emperor is a great pick, I felt the same when reading it! City of Stairs is one of those books that I’ve been meaning to read for the longest time.

  4. The Goblin Emperor is potentially my favourite book. Ever. And I don’t say that lightly. I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t think to include it on my own list this week! I agree, though, it’s such a good, kind book and I adore it.

    The Lies of Locke Lamore and Assassin’s Apprentice are both on my TBR, and I love The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, too. =) I haven’t read that book of Jemisin’s, but I am loving her Broken Earth trilogy.
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