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This one is a “fandom freebie”, which I’m going to spin to being about asking which comics I follow (or try to follow), because I’m not so much into fandom, especially book fandom, lately.

Cover of The Wicked + The Divine by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen Cover of Marvel's Young Avengers: Mic-Drop at the Edge of Time and Space Cover of Captain Marvel #1 Cover of Ms Marvel: No Normal by Adrian Alphona Cover of Captain America: The Red Menace

  1. The Wicked + The DivineIt’s gorgeous, for one thing. And I’m kind of hooked on the story too, even if the third volume didn’t really advance it.
  2. Young AvengersAnd any/all of the characters from that series — Hulkling, Wiccan, Speed, Ms. America, Hawkeye… I love that they’re starting to appear in the adult Avengers teams now.
  3. Captain Marvel. Because Carol’s pretty amazing and the series has had some gorgeous art. I wasn’t totally wowed by Rise of Alpha Flight, and Civil War II sounds like a nightmare of a crossover event, but I’m still here for Carol.
  4. Ms Marvel. Because Kamala Khan is badass.
  5. Captain America. Kind of… I love Cap, but mostly the MCU version.
  6. Spider-woman. Because who doesn’t love Jessica Drew and her, uh, sismance(?!) with Carol Danvers. Speaking of which, who noticed they stuck Jessica Drew’s wings on Spiderman in the trailer for the new one? Ugh.
  7. Silk. Because I love the starburst of spiderwomen we’ve had lately.
  8. Spider-Gwen. Ditto!
  9. Thor. Mostly the Jane Foster version, mind you.
  10. Avengers. Sort of. Mostly I love the MCU version, but I’m very much here for the new team-ups like A-Force in principle. I need to catch up, though…

Cover of Spider-woman: Vol 0 Cover of Silk by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee Cover of Spider-Gwen: Greater Power Cover of Thor: Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron Cover of Avengers Assemble: Science Bros

So yeah. Fandom! Ish.

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  1. You’ll be horrified to know that I have never ever picked up a Marvel, DC or other comic to read! I never had the space in my house or the money to risk starting these comics…the book obsession is enough to deal with!

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